Pastures Green

British Go Journal No. 55. March 1982. Page 6.

Jim Barty and Matthew Macfadyen

This is the game we are featuring from this years London Open, and a very entertaining game it is too, Both players called themselves 8 kyu at the time but are now stronger than that. Comments are by Jim Barty and Matthew Macfadyen.

Black: Bob Scantlebury, 8k
White: Steve Brooker, 8k

The game-file in SGF format.

Figure 1 (1-50)

  • Black 21 should connect solidly there are too many cutting points here.
  • White 22: The atari from above is more solid.
  • Black 23: Wrong direction, should be 35 which makes better use of the wall.
  • Black 25: Bad shape.
  • White 32: Better at 35.
  • White 42: White should connect regardless of the consequences.
  • Black 45: Black has a splendid result.
Figure 2 (51-100)

  • Black 59: Too slow.
  • Black 65: Better at 84, both to surround black territory and to invade White.
  • Black 73: Must be at 75.
  • White 76: This sequence from 68 is excellent play by White.
  • Black 77: This is too slow, Black should play 80.
  • White 94: Nice idea but it doesnt work, Black can simply play atari above 94 and catch the stone on the edge.
Figure 3 (101-177)

141 at 134.
  • White 100 & Black 101: This makes it much harder for white to live in the black territory.
  • White 104: Bad, eyes happen on the edge. White should also play the kikashi of 108 first, black will reply with 110 and then 116 looks hard to kill.
  • White 118: Should play 119, black 118, white 121, black 128 and white gives atari under 115 starting a ko.
  • Black 127: Vulgar, should be at 140.
  • White 146: White should count the game now, to win White needs all his moyo as territory, so he must block at 151 and hope he can kill a black invasion.
  • White 148: Should be at 155 which would enclose much more.
  • Black 153 to 169: Brilliant play, white is destroyed.
  • Black 171: Aargh! Must capture at 172 killing the White bits.
  • White 174: Must play the double atari at 177, whites only chance to escape.
  • Black 177: The last move recorded.

Black eventually won the game by 48 points.


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