British Go Journal No. 55. March 1982. Page 10.

[ Addresses and other details omitted. ]


Fujisawa Shuko has started well in the Kisei match, and is 2-1 up against Rin Kaiho as we write. Cho Chikun is Honinbo (4-2 against Takemiya) and Meijin (4-1 against Kato). Hashimoto
Shoji has taken Katos Oza title.
Louise Bremner still thinks shes three dan.

N.W. London

The N.W. London club now meets at Dave Artus home in South Ruislip.

South London

Rumours circulate that a new club in South London is planning to meet on Wednesdays near the Elephant and Castle. Toby Manning is as likely as anyone to have further details.

World Championship

The BGA committee have changed the rules so that the same player may not represent Britain in successive years. Thus for 1983 Matthew Macfadyen is ineligible and the winner of the Challengers Tournament can go to Tokyo whether or not they win the match.


Two British players went to Berlin in November. Paul Fage won two games out of five, Matthew Macfadyen won the tournament.


Twenty players went up to Scotland in November, but none strong enough to beat X.T. He, the local Chinese, who won the tournament.


Very capably organised by Francis Roads this took place on Saturday 13 February at Wanstead house, home of the Woodford Go club. There were three rounds and about 40 people turned up. Overall winner was Jim Barty, 4 Dan.


Despite being the tournament with the cheapest beer in Europe, there was only one British representative this year. M. Macfadyen won all his games and the first prize. Poles were conspicuous by their absence, but the East Germans now have two 5 dans and four 4 dans.

BGA Book Distributor

Brian Bolton has had to relinquish the position of BGA book distributor. The association is most grateful for his persistence with this somewhat thankless task.

Toby Manning has taken over the job temporarily, and orders should be sent to him until further notice. Meanwhile the association is looking for someone to take on the job more permanently.

This would not involve an enormous amount of work, but rather a small amount at frequent intervals. The main qualification is the possession of about half a spare room to keep the stock in. Anyone who is willing to take-over, or who believes he knows someone else who might be, should contact Toby.

Go Tutor

Having completed its twelfth issue in three years (the original plan was to do it in one) this publication is hibernating pending the emergence of a new and enthusiastic editor. Volunteers please to Nick Webber.

Dan Visitors

Richard Hunter and Louise Bremner, who have been living in Tokyo for the last year or so, are planning a tour of the British Go clubs some time this Summer. Anyone interested in being included in the tour should contact Stuart Dowsey.

BGA Treasurer

Brian Philp has resigned as BGA Treasurer with effect from the end of 1981. Bob Thompson has been appointed acting treasurer, and will stand for the post at the AGM.

BGA Secretary

M. Macfadyen is resigning as BGA Secretary from the time he leaves for the world championship in Japan. Norman Tobin will be acting secretary until the AGM, and is intending to stand as Secretary next year. Meanwhile, Derek Hunter will continue to handle membership matters and general enquiries.


November: S. Clark, W. Gregory, R. Granville and D. Cann to 2 Dan; M. Hollings to 3 Dan.
January: E. Shaw to 1 Dan, Q. Mills and J. Hawdon to 2 Dan.


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