British Championship

British Go Journal No. 55. March 1982. Page 18.

Matthew Macfadyen

Game 5

Black: Terry Stacey, 5d
White: Matthew Macfadyen, 6d

Date: 1981-10-16
The game-file in SGF format.

The article is continued from game 4 on page 16.

For the fifth game, Terry came down to Cornwall, where I am now living and we played the rather one sided game shown here.

Figure 1 (1-100)

27 connects at 22.

Black 15 is not recommended in the presence of White 12, since this joseki can explode unpredictably in several ways.

Black 53' might have been played more vigorously at the point above 97 but 77, 81, 83 and 95 were all very slow and after 96 Black needs to find something spectacular in order to look after his two weak groups satisfactorily.

Figure 2 (101-205)

134 connects at 121.

It may have been possible for me to kill the black group in the centre, but I was counting carefully and playing cautiously. After white 144 there are no more chances for Black to do anything.

White wins by 20 points.

Terry is getting a lot harder to beat than he used to be. At London he won his first large international tournament. This years match may well be closer still.


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