British Go Journal No. 55. March 1982. Page 26.

Solution to problem on page 7.

Solution 1

White A is the only play. Now whatever cunning combination of throw-ins Black tries he will be unable to put the seven white stones in atari.

Solution to problem on page 9.

Solution 2

Black 1 lives unconditionally. If he plays 1' at 3 White replies at 1 and the best Black can get is a ko with 5.

Solution to problem on page 14b.

Solution 3a

Solution 3b

Black 1 in Solution 3a is the way to start, and now the whole white group dies. If White plays below 2 with his next stone, then Black can play below 1, leaving White no way to put him in atari.

Solution 3b shows another way [for white] to fail.

Solution to problems on page 20.

Solution 4

Black 1 is the move, now after 3 white A is no good because he is short of liberties. If Black starts at 3 then white 1 threatens either A followed by a ko or else to make a second eye on the side.

Solution 5

6 connects at triangle.

White 1 and 3 reduce Black to a horrible dango and make a few points in the corner.


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