British Go Journal No. 62. July 1984. Page 16.

Ian Meiklejohn

Paris in spring - who can resist it? Most British Go players it seems, for only ten diehard degenerates were lured to the gastronomic capital of Europe this Easter (even the Hungarians could muster 9 representatives). It was a pity, because not only is French hospitality generous in the extreme, but the tournament itself has grown to become one of the largest and most enjoyable on the calendar.

This year some 250 players took part, and the event was enhanced by the presence of a Korean professional, and a bountiful prize list top of which was a free fortnight in Korea as a guest of the Korean Go Association. Heading the UK contingent was last year's winner, Terry Stacey. Unfortunately, however. this was not to be Terry's year. After stealing his first-round game against French star Moussa by 1.5 points, losses against Austrian champion Hasibeder, current French champion, Kang (actually a Korean), and Zemb, left him with a disappointing 3 wins. The fight for first place quickly seemed to be between the formidably strong Korean amateur Yoo, who is currently resident in Germany and cleaning up on the European circuit, and Hasibeder, who is showing the benefit of recent study in Japan, and now calls himself 6 dan.

Yoo was actually very lucky to win his first game against Moussa, who killed a large group. Thereafter, however, he played solidly, and won the decisive clash with Hasibeder in round 4.

None of the other Brits did much, with the exception of 1 dan John Hobson. He won 4 in a row, lost to 4 dan Colmez, and then alas threw a winning position against another 1 dan on a winning streak, Frenchman Millas.


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