British Go Journal No. 62. July 1984. Page 20.

Six problenms of varying degrees of difficulty - but all should be solvable by 5 kyus and upwards. But remember - readout all the variations before looking at the answers.

Problem 1

This position looks deceptively simple. Can black save his group?

Problem 2

Four in a row is alive, everyone knows that, - except for black, whose move it is.

Problem 3

Blacks four stones are in trouble. His only chance is to use the marked cutting stone to try and counter-attack, but he seems behind on liberties...

Problem 4

Whites plight looks desperate - only one eye while Blacks corner seems to be bursting with eyes and liberties.., or is it. White to play.

Problem 5

Black to play - can he kill white?

Problem 6

Black has pushed through at 1, whereupon white has greedily tried to flick in 2. Black can rap whites knuckles, however.

[Start] The solutions to these problems are on page 30.

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