British Championship

British Go Journal No. 64. March 1985. Page 4.

Game 1

Matthew Macfadyen

Black: Matthew Macfadyen, 6d
White: Terry Stacey, 5d

Time: 3 hours each. Komi 5.5
The game-file in SGF format.

1984 saw Terry Stacey's fifth challenge for the British Championship, but some of his usual tenacity seemed to be missing and he was unable to pick up a single game.

We present all three games in the best of five match, concentrating on the second, in which Terry had his best chances.

Figure 1 (1-54)

Figure 2 (55-110)

  • White 58 starts a difficult running fight.
  • Black 77: Bad. I should push at 94 first. White has a lot of territory after 78, and Black has no real chance to kill the centre group.
  • White 104: Slow, he could play 106 to take sente.
Figure 3 (111-204)

White 198 ko at triangle
  • White 200 should answer the ko threat - White can easily win this ko since 202 is sente - 199 was one of Black's very few sufficiently large threats. A large exchange follows, but it favours Black.
Figure 4 (205-282)

215 ko at black triangle, 218 ko at 212, 221 ko, 240 ko below 237 at white triangle, 245 ko at 237, 282 connects above 252 at square

Black wins by 13.5 points.

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