British Championship

British Go Journal No. 64. March 1985. Page 7.

Game 3

Matthew Macfadyen

Black: Matthew Macfadyen, 6d
White: Terry Stacey, 5d

Time: 3 hours each. Komi 5.5
The game-file in SGF format.

The article is continued from game 2 on page 5.

Figure 1 (1-70)

  • White 28 would be better one space below 31. The two white stones in the lower corner get isolated and Terry finds himeself having to play 36 to protect them (I was planning to play A).
  • White 44 and 46: A bit too optimistic. The severe splitting attack which follows is clearly unfavourable for White, especially with all that Black thickness waiting across the board. It would have been more prudent to play 46' at 53, treating 47 lightly.
Figure 2a (71-100)
BGJ had Fig 2a and 2b as one diagram, Fig 2.

  • Black 95 and 97 are crude but effective. They threaten to play one point to the right of 98, cutting off the white group. If 86' had been at 96 the game might have lasted longer.
Figure 2b (101-127)
BGJ had Fig 2a and 2b as one diagram, Fig 2.

  • Black 111 looks strange shape, but it would be the key point for White to make eyes.
  • White 114' could live at 115, but Black could play 114 and cut off enough stones to win easily. After 115 White's group is dead.

White resigned after 127.


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