British Go Journal No. 66. November 1985 Page 3.

Midlands Murder

Bradford's recently formed Community Go Club challenged the Sheffield Club to a match at the end of July. According to our reporter, Graham Telfer, an exciting evening was had by all, no doubt helped along by plenty of sake. The official reason for the match was to check Bradford's grading, which seemed to be pretty accurate, since the result of the match was a 6-5 victory for the fledgling club, with most of the games being closely fought.


Thirty-six players contested the Northern Go Tournament on September 7th and 8th. Winner of the top section and the Red Rose Shield was Richard Granville, with a perfect score of 6/6. Second were John Smith and Eddie Shaw (3 dan). Winners of lower sections were Gerry Mills (1 kyu), 0 Gilder (3 kyu), G Telfer (4 kyu), J Hall (6 kyu) and J Taylor (8 kyu), all with 4/6. Qualifiers for next year's Candidates tournament were Alistair Thompson (1 dan) and Paul Smith ( kyu).


Attendance at this year's tournament was encouragingly up by 12 to 48. Prize winners with 3/3 were: M. Macfadyen (beat T Stacey in round 3), S. Draper (2k), C. Scammon (5k); P. Collins (6k), P. Voisey (10k); and H. Sykes (12k);

Qualifiers for the Candidates were Jay Rastall (ld) and S. Draper. My correspondent tells me that the wooden spoon went to Tim Hazelden, who was the strongest player with 0/3. The tournament was ably directed by Ian Carson.


Europe's first National Team Championship was held in Warsaw at the beginning of September. Our team was Matthew Macfadyen, Jim Barty, Richard Granville and John Rickard. Apart from the Poles, Yugoslavia was the only country to field its very best squad, which meant that several of the top teams were pretty much the same strength.

In the event the West Germans came out on top with 18 points, largely by virtue of winning all their games on Boards 3 and 4. Both the Yugoslavs and the UK had 15, but they had the better SOS. The Netherlands finished fourth by a narrow margin.

Apart from the main tournament many of the East European players had their first chance to meet Japanese professionals, and many of the Western players added a few more entries to their hundred best things to do with vodka. The event is planned to be repeated again in 1987, although no venue has been fixed.


Takemiya continues to kill a lot of groups, and has won the Honinbo title against Rin Kaiho. Since then Kobayashi Koichi has been busier that most, he is playing Cho Chikun for the Meijin title, which stands at 2-1 to Kobayashi at present; and he lost the first game of the Oza title to Kato Masao. As if this weren't enough, he is in the final of the tournament to decide who challenges for lshida's Tengen title. Otake Hideo has retained his Gosei title by beating Kudo Norio 3-1. He has now held it for six years in a row

Cabinet Reshuffle

Like the Conservative Party the BGA has been playing musical chairs, and we've got a new book distributor, publicity officer and membership secretary.

Brian Timmins takes over as the person responsible for getting you to pay your subscriptions (are you sure you have). The venerable Francis Roads moves from his efficient editing of the Newsletter to take over the publicity post, while a new face, Clive Wright will be selling books and sets. Adresses of all concerned are on the inside cover.

New Club

Fred Holroyd, a former member of the BGA has rejoined after a break of several years has started a new club in Milton Keynes, called the Open University Club. His address is 10, Stacey Avenue, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 50L. Tel. 0908 315342.

Unattached? - We can help

Not with someone to share your cocoa, we're afraid, but the next best thing - to play Go.

If you are an unattached member living in the wilderness, it's possible that the Membership Secretary has received queries about the game from other people living in your area. If you contact Brian Timmins, he will be glad to put you in touch with one another. If successful, maybe you can start a club!

For Sale

David Mills of Darlington has "a rather superb Go Ban" which he won some time ago and now wants to sell. He describes it as "light-coloured wood, 6" deep table, four carved legs, overall height 10". It is for sale with "two rosewood bowls and genuine stone stones (sic), all virtually mint condition." Price is 195 ono. His address is 10 Lychgate, Hurworth-on- Tees, Darlington County Durham DL2 2AT.

Membership subs

A reminder to club secretaries - have you checked that all your members have renewed their subscriptions for 1986? If not, then waste no time in showing them the instruments of torture.

Also, remember to tell your members about the full range of BGA services - eg bookshop (see BGJ 64 for list), analysis service, kyu dilomas, etc.

Susan Barnes Trust

After over a year of its existence, there still seems to be many players who do not fully understand the function of the Susan Barnes Trust, or are even aware of its existence.

Susan Barnes was the kind of player we all like: always eager for a game, a regular tournament attender, and good company at all times. After her tragic death in a road accident in Zimbabwe, her friends decided that a trust fund would be an appropriate memorial.

The trust is independent of the BGA, but cooperates closely with it. The trustees are David Barnes, Susan's brother who is a solicitor but not yet a Go player; myself; and Nick Webber; Susan's former partner. The administration of the trust is mainly my responsibility.

The purpose of the trust is to make payments to Go players under the age of 18, to be spent on Go books, equipment, or assistance with travel expenses. Awards are made to players who return good results at major tournaments.

The money cannot be spent retrospectively - eg a player who did well in the Under-18 Championship could use his award to cover future expenses, but not the U-18 itself. A typical award mught be 10 for such an event. Players can receive more than one award.

To young players without an income such small amounts can have a significance much greater than is the case for an older player. The difference, for example, between attending another event or not being able to.

As administrator of the trust I should be delighted to hear from anybody who would like to nominate a young player to receive an award, who would like to make a donation to the trust fund, or who has any further enquiries. My address and phone number are on the inside front cover.

There also exists the Castledine Trust (named after a recent BGA President) with similar aims. Payments from this trust are made on an ad hoc basis for equipment or similar expenses involved in encouraging young people to take up Go. I am also a trustee of this fund, but enquiries should be addressed to: Toby Manning, (obsolete address not included - ed).

Francis Roads


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