Friesian Frolics

British Go Journal No. 66. November 1985. Page 14.

Matthew Macfadyen

Apart from actually playing Go, congresses involve a good deal of exchanging new josekis, new life and death problems, and other amusing positions which have turned up or been invented. Here we present a brief assortment of goodies from Terschelling.

Problem 1 Black to play.

This life and death problem arose in Eddy Shaw's game with Michael Katscher, 5 dan. Eddy would have won if he'd got it right, since the white group on the outside was eyeless.

Problem 2 Black to play.

Denis Feldman from Paris has been collecting life and death problems for years. Many a player was transfixed by his glittering eye and cornered by this hoary old classic. Black is to play and kill white unconditionally. Make sure you've considered all White's possible replies.

Problem 3 White to play.

And from Finland, Matti Siivola produced this one, which we have trimmed up a bit to fit on a 10 x 10 board. The problem is to work out what is going on.

Problem 4 White to play and kill.

And finally a relatively easy problem (though it's still not trivial). I don't know who produced this one, but it was left unattended one evening in the hostel where we were staying.

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