Spot The Move

British Go Journal No. 67. April 1986. Page 3.

Richard Granville

Here are three more problems to test your sense of direction. As usual you'll be able to compare your efforts with those of a panel of dan players and a fellow hacker from the kyu ranks (not that most of our dan players aren't fond of a bit of hacking themselves!).

Look at the positions below and try and work out what part of the board you'd play in next, and what the best local move is. Try and think about the position and find a good reason for your choice.

The reader whose suggestions come closest to those of our panel will receive a £5 token which can be spent at the BGA book service.

Send your answer to: Richard Granville, (address omitted) . Good luck.

The answers to, and commentary on, the last competition (BGJ 66) are on page 10.

Problem 1 White to play.

Problem 2 Black to play.

Problem 3 White to play.


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