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by Date, 1975-7

*British Championship League 1975 T751975271
 Challengers League 1975 T751975271
*Marlborough 1974Tilley, JohnGam1975272-
 Wessex Tournament 1974 T741975272-
 Smith, R. v. Manning, Toby (Wessex Tournament 1974) GEv1975272-
 Manning, Toby v. Smith, R. (Wessex Tournament 1974) GEv1975272-
*Ko Threats, The Management of -Prescott, PaulTec1975274-
*London Open Go Congress 1975Prescott, PaulT751975277
 London Open 1974/75Prescott, PaulT751975277
 Japanese Tournaments 1974 T741975278
*SekiHall, T. MarkL+D1975279
*Grading List, BGA - Ply1975279
*Black to Play?Manning, Toby 19752710
*Go Sets, There's - and Go SetsSmith, PaulEqu19752710-
*Anniversary, A Double -Tilley, JohnPpr19752711-
 Nihon Ki-in Ass19752711
 Shusai PPr19752711
 Karigane Jun'ichi v. Shusai (1920) GH119752712-
 Shusai v. Karigane Jun'ichi (1920) GH119752712-
 Reading Club Clb19752716
*London Go Centre Clb19752716
 Bristol Club Clb19752716
 Southern League 1975 T7519752716
 Challengers League 1975 T751975282
*London Go Centre, Match Played at the Opening of the -Magari ReikiGam1975283-
 Prescott, Paul v. Iwamoto Kaoru GH41975283-
 Iwamoto Kaoru v. Prescott, Paul GH41975283-
*British Go Congress 1975, 8th - T751975287-
 Alsager (British Go Congress 1975) T751975287-
 BGA Accounts 1974 BGA19752810
 Accounts 1974, BGA - BGA19752810
*Annual General Meeting 1975, British Go Association - BGA19752811
 BGA AGM 1975 BGA19752811
 AGM 1975, BGA - BGA19752811
*Tsume-go Problems, Eight -Tang Tong B.L+D19752812-
*French Go Tournament (1975)Manning, TobyT7519752813
 Paris Tournament 1975 T7519752813
 Amsterdam Tournament 1975 T7519752813
 Schools Go Tch19752815
 Hampstead Club Clb19752816
 Manchester (Northern Go Congress 1975) T7519752816
 Northern Go Congress 1975 T7519752816
 Reading Club Clb19752816
 Challengers League 1975 T7519752816
*Committee Notes BGA1975293
*Dan Diploma Competition Rat1975293
*European Championship (1974), A Game from the -Prescott, PaulGam1975294-
 Zagreb (EGoC 1974) T741975294-
 European Go Congress 1974 T741975294-
 Prescott, Paul v. Vries de, Henk (EGoC 1974) GEv1975294-
 Vries de, Henk v. Prescott, Paul (EGoC 1974) GEv1975294-
*Blind, Go for the -Talbot, BobPly1975296
 Reading Club Clb1975296
*Grading List, BGA - Ply1975296
*Book ReviewPrescott, PaulLit1975297-
 Problem-Go fur FortgeschritteneMaeda NobuakiLit1975297-
 Maeda's Tsume-go Vol. 3Maeda NobuakiLit1975297-
 Problems L+D1975297-
*Challengers League 1975Prescott, PaulT751975298-
*London Open Go Congress 1975, A Game from the -Hall, T. Mark et alGam19752910-
 London Open 1974/75 T7519752910-
 Hall, T. Mark v. Rehm, Robert (London Open 1974/75) GEv19752910-
 Rehm, Robert v. Hall, T. Mark (London Open 1974/75) GEv19752910-
 Reading Championship 1975 T7519752912
*British National Championship 1976 T7619752914
 British Championship 1976 T7619752914
 Candidates Tournament 1976 T7619752914
*Japan Airlines Prize TAw19752914
*Future ChampionMoore, J. A.PAm19752914
*Iwamoto v. RoadsRoads, FrancisGam19752915-
 Roads, Francis v. Iwamoto Kaoru GH719752915-
 Iwamoto Kaoru v. Roads, Francis GH719752915-
*Cambridge Go Congress (1975) T7519752916
 Cambridge Tournament 1975 T7519752916
*Woodford Afternoon Tournament (1975) for Less Advanced Players T7519752916
*Stick to Your PrinciplesDaly, Andrew Jos19752917-
 Professional Visits at the London Go Centre PPr19752919
 London Go Centre, Professional Visits at the - PPr19752919
 London Go Centre Summer Handicap Tournament 1975 T7519752919
*President's New Year Message BGA1975302
*Committee News BGA1975302
**BGA Even-Game Knock-out Championship 1976 T761975303
**Even-Game Knock-out Championship 1976, BGA - T761975303
 National Knockout Championship 1976 T761975303
*EGF Delegates Meeting (1975) - Summary of Decisions EGF1975303
 EGF AGM 1975 EGF1975303
 AGM 1975, EGF - EGF1975303
 European Championship TSy1975303
*Chinese Go Terms, Some - for Different Types of MoveTang Tong B.Lan1975304-
 Chinese-English Translation Guide Lan1975304-
 English-Chinese Translation Guide Lan1975304-
 Translation Guide, Chinese-English - Lan1975304-
 Problem Tec1975305-
*British National Go Ch'ship 1976, Important Extracts from ... - TSy1975305
 British Championship 1976 T761975305
*Northern Go Tournament (1975), 1st - T751975306
 Manchester (Northern Go Congress 1975) T751975306
*Wessex Go Tournament (1975), 6th - T751975306
* Joseki, Entertaining -. Part 1Prescott, PaulJos1975307
*Reading League Match (1975), Game Played at the -Hall, T. MarkGam1975308-
 Reading League 1975 T751975308-
 Moss, Ron v. Hall, T. Mark (Reading League 1975) GH31975308-
 Hall, T. Mark v. Moss, Ron (Reading League 1975) GH31975308-
*Grading List, BGA - Ply1975309
*European Go Championship 1975, Krems, Austria T7519753010-
 Krems (EGoC 1975) T7519753010-
 European Championship 1975 T7519753010-
**Hollings v. Philp, Game - Gam19753012-
**Philp v. Hollings, Game - Gam19753012-
 Philp, Brian v. Hollings, Mark (1973) GH319753012-
 Hollings, Mark v. Philp, Brian (1973) GH319753012-
*Quiz, Christmas -Prescott, PaulJos19753014-
**Manning v. IrvingManning, Toby et alGam19753016-
**Irving v. ManningManning, Toby et alGam19753016-
 Manchester (Northern Go Congress 1975) T7519753016-
 Northern Go Congress 1975 T7519753016-
 Manning, Toby v. Irving, Colin (Northern Go Congress 1975) GEv19753016-
 Irving, Colin v. Manning, Toby (Northern Go Congress 1975) GEv19753016-
*Handicap Go, The Handicap of -Wells, DavidHcp19753018-
 Ashiba Katsumi PPr19753020
 Inoue Machiko PPr19753020
*British National Go Championship 1975Tilley, JohnT751976312
 British Championship 1975 T751976312
*Leicester Open Go Tournament (1976), First -Woolley, BobT761976312
*Annual General Meeting (1976), BGA - BGA1976313
 BGA AGM 1976 BGA1976313
 AGM 1976, BGA - BGA1976313
*Tesuji, Review of a -Castledine, BrianTec1976314-
 Kikashi Tec1976314-
*Committee NotesRoads, FrancisBGA1976316
*Quiz, Answers to Christmas -Prescott, Paul 1976318-
*London Open Go Congress 1976, The - T7619763110
*Gradings, BGA -Prescott, PaulRat19763111-
 British System of Promotion Points Rat19763111-
 Promotion Points, British System of - Rat19763111-
 Problem Jos19763112-
*Book ReviewErbach, DaveLit19763113-
 Kage's Secret Chronicles of Handicap GoKageyama ToshiroLit19763113-
 Handicap Go, Kage's Secret Chronicles of -Kageyama ToshiroLit19763113-
 Promotions Rat19763113
*Four Stone GameMacfadyen, MatthewGam19763114-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Ashiba Katsumi GH419763114-
 Ashiba Katsumi v. Macfadyen, Matthew GH419763114-
*European Championship (1975), Game from -Prescott, PaulGam19763116-
 Krems (EGoC 1975) T7519763116-
 European Go Congress 1975 T7519763116-
 Mattern, Jurgen v. Bates, Jim (EGoC 1975) GEv19763116-
 Bates, Jim v. Mattern, Jurgen (EGoC 1975) GEv19763116-
*Southern Go League 1975 Results T7519763119
 Southern League 1975 T7519763119
 Club Match 1975 (Cheltenham v. Leicester) T7519763120
 Cheltenham Club v. Leicester Club (Club Match 1975) T7519763120
 Leicester Club v. Cheltenham Club (Club Match 1975) T7519763120
 Northern League 1976 T7619763120
*Tricks, Department of Dirty -Pusey, JohnTal1976322
 BGA Accounts 1975 BGA1976323
 Accounts 1975, BGA - BGA1976323
*British National Go Championship (1975), Third Game in the -Manning, Toby et alGam1976324-
 British Championship 1975 T751976324-
 Prescott, Paul v. Diamond, Jon (British Ch'ship 1975, Game 3) GEv1976324-
 Diamond, Jon v. Prescott, Paul (British Ch'ship 1975, Game 3) GEv1976324-
 Go Set, Self-Made - Equ1976326-
**BGA Archivist Inf1976327
**Archivist, BGA - Inf1976327
*Auckland Go Club NewsMilne, DavidClb1976328
 New Zealand Cou1976328
*Grading List, BGA - Ply1976329
*British Go Congress 1976Prescott, PaulT7619763210
 Imperial College (British Go Congress 1976) T7619763210
*Northern Go League (1976) T7619763211
 Northern League 1976 T7619763211
*London Go Centre, News from - Clb19763211
*Handicap Go, The Handicap of - is Fair and Square Against WhiteTalbot, BobHcp19763212-
*Manchester 1975, 1st Northern Open - - Gam19763214
 Manchester (Northern Go Congress 1975) T7519763214
 Northern Go Congress 1975 T7519763214
 Harte, Harry v. Manning, Toby (Northern Go Congress 1975) GEv19763214
 Manning, Toby v. Harte, Harry (Northern Go Congress 1975) GEv19763214
*Southern League (1976) T7619763215
*British Go Congress 1976, Prizes - - Imperial College TAw19763215
 Imperial College (British Go Congress 1976) T7619763215
 British Go Congress 1976 T7619763215
*Book ReviewPrescott, PaulLit19763216
 What's Your Rating?Miyamoto NaokiLit19763216
 Rating, What's Your -?Miyamoto NaokiLit19763216
 Life and DeathDavies, JamesLit19763216
**Breakthrough to Shodan, The -Cross, AlisonLit19763217
**Shodan, The Breakthrough to -Cross, AlisonLit19763217
*New Service to Go PlayersHitchens, BobInf19763218
 BGA Ansafone Inf19763218
 Ansafone, BGA - Inf19763218
* Joseki, Entertaining -. Part 2Prescott, PaulJos19763219
**Scandinavian Nihon Ki-in Chapter, The -Larsen, Mogens E.Clb19763219
**Nihon Ki-in Chapter, The Scandinavian -Larsen, Mogens E.Clb19763219
*Cleveland Go ClubMoore, J. A.Clb19763220
*Ex-Presidential RuminationsRoads, FrancisBGA1976332-
*Go ReviewPindar, JohnLit1976333
*Amsterdam Go Congress 1976, Game from -Macfadyen, MatthewGam1976334-
 Amsterdam Tournament 1976 T761976334-
 Muller, Cas v. Macfadyen, M. (Amsterdam Tournament 1976) GEv1976334-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Muller, C. (Amsterdam Tournament 1976) GEv1976334-
*Candidates Tournament 1976, Report on the -Cross, AlisonT761976335-
*Gray Collection in Black and White, The -Pindar, JohnArt1976336-
 Gray, Geoffrey PAm1976336-
*Amsterdam (1976), British Success in -Daly, AndrewT761976339
 Amsterdam Tournament 1976 T761976339
*Golden Dragon Tournament (1976)Prescott, PaulT761976339
 Ljubljana (Golden Dragon Tournament 1976) T761976339
*Yose, A Simple -Macfadyen, MatthewYos19763310
*British Championship 1977Prescott, PaulT7719763311
**Hitchens, Bob - - A Short Profile of the BGA's New PresidentManning, TobyPAm19763311
**President, Bob Hitchens - A Short Profile of the BGA's New -Manning, TobyPAm19763311
* Joseki, Entertaining -Prescott, PaulJos19763312
 Komoku Joseki Jos19763312
  Joseki, Komoku - Jos19763312
*Family Holiday for Go Players, A -?Roads, FrancisTou19763312
*AGM 1976, Notes of the - of the British Go AssociationManning, TobyBGA19763313
 BGA AGM 1976 BGA19763313
 AGM 1976, BGA - BGA19763313
*Proverbs, New Go -Fairbairn, JohnTec19763314
 Squeeze Tec19763314
*CongressesPrescott, PaulTou19763314
*Reading Honinbo (1976), A Game from the - Gam19763315-
 Reading Honinbo 1976 T7619763315-
 Moss, Ron v. Clare, Jim (Reading Honinbo 1976) GEv19763315-
 Clare, Jim v. Moss, Ron (Reading Honinbo 1976) GEv19763315-
**Takemiya's Eight Rules of Handicap Go Hcp19763316
**Handicap Go, Takemiya's Eight Rules of - Hcp19763316
**Odd Notes on Go-Cannibalism in China, More -Fairbairn, JohnHum19763316
**Cannibalism in China, More Odd Notes on Go- -Fairbairn, JohnHum19763316
*I Only Asked for CufflinksPindar, JohnL+D19763316
 Problem L+D19763316
**Mannen Ko and Its Effect on a GameMitchell, DavidRul19763317
**Ko, Mannen - and Its Effect on a GameMitchell, DavidRul19763317
 Ten Thousand Year Ko Rul19763317
 Ko, Ten Thousand Year - Rul19763317
 Japanese Tournaments 1976 T7619763318
 Iwamoto Kaoru PPr19763318
 Challengers League 1976 T7619763318
 Southern League 1976 T7619763318
*Northern Go League (1976)Pindar, JohnT7619763319
 Northern League 1976 T7619763319
 Bolton Spring Handicap Tournament 1976 T7619763320
 British Lightning Championship 1976 T7619763320
 Club Match 1976 (Reading v. Oxford) T7619763320
 Reading Club v. Oxford Club (Club Match 1976) T7619763320
 Oxford Club v. Reading Club (Club Match 1976) T7619763320
 RAFA Tournament 1976 T7619763320
*European Championship (1976), The - Goes to France T761976341-
 Cambridge (EGoC 1976) T761976341-
 European Go Congress 1976 T761976341-
*Auckland Go Congress 1975, Game from the -Castledine, BrianGam1976343-
 Auckland Go Congress 1975 T751976343-
 Flatow, Kurt v. Talbot, Bob (Auckland Go Congress 1975) GEv1976343-
 Talbot, Bob v. Flatow, Kurt (Auckland Go Congress 1975) GEv1976343-
 National Knockout Championship 1977 T771976344
*Floater, The -Fairbairn, JohnGam1976345-
 Oteai 1971 T711976345-
 Shirae Haruhiko v. Kanno Kiyonori (Oteai 1971) GH11976345-
 Kanno Kiyonori v. Shirae Haruhiko (Oteai 1971) GH11976345-
*Northern Go Congress (1976), Results of 2nd - T7619763415
 Manchester (Northern Go Congress 1976) T7619763415
*Grading List, BGA -Prescott, PaulPly19763416
*European Go Congress 1976, Game from -Macfadyen, MatthewGam19763417-
 Cambridge (EGoC 1976) T7619763417-
 European Go Congress 1976 T7619763417-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Schlemper, Ronald (EGoC 1976) GEv19763417-
 Schlemper, Ronald v. Macfadyen, Matthew (EGoC 1976) GEv19763417-
**Professional Title WinnersFairbairn, JohnPPr19763418
**Title Winners, Professional -Fairbairn, JohnPPr19763418
 Dutch Championship 1976 T7619763418
*School, Go at -Stephenson, J. F.Tch19763419
 British Championship 1976 T7619763419
 Three Colour Go Var19763420
 Two-Stone Go Var19763420
 RAFA Tournament 1976 T7619763420
 Wessex Tournament 1976 T7619763420
*Problem Yos1977351
*Problem Tec1977351
*President's NotesHitchens, BobBGA1977353
 BGA Communications BGA1977353
 Communications, BGA - BGA1977353
 BGA Budget BGA1977353
 Budget, BGA - BGA1977353
*British Championship 1976Kobayashi Chizu et alGam1977354-
 British Championship 1976 T761977354-
 Prescott, Paul v. Diamond, Jon (British Ch'ship 1976, Game 1) GEv1977354-
 Diamond, Jon v. Prescott, Paul (British Ch'ship 1976, Game 1) GEv1977354-
 Diamond, Jon v. Prescott, Paul (British Ch'ship 1976, Game 2) GEv1977356
 Prescott, Paul v. Diamond, Jon (British Ch'ship 1976, Game 2) GEv1977356
 Prescott, Paul v. Diamond, Jon (British Ch'ship 1976, Game 3) GEv1977356
 Diamond, Jon v. Prescott, Paul (British Ch'ship 1976, Game 3) GEv1977356
*Tesuji TimeFairbairn, JohnTec1977357-
*London Open Go Congress 1977Prescott, PaulT771977358
 London Open 1976/77 T771977358
 Promotions Rat1977358
*BGA Individual Knockout Championship 1976Roads, FrancisT761977359
 National Knockout Championship 1976 T761977359
*European Go Championship 1976, Review: The -Matthews, CharlesLit19773510
*Super Books, Review of the -Fairbairn, JohnLit19773511-
*Yose ProblemRoads, FrancisYos19773514
*Spot the BlunderChandler, BrianTec19773514
**Shin FusekiBates, JimFus19773515-
**Fuseki, Shin -Bates, JimFus19773515-
 Go Seigen v. Shusai GH119773515-
 Shusai v. Go Seigen GH119773515-
 Kitani Minoru v. Takahashi GH119773516-
 Takahashi v. Kitani Minoru GH119773516-
 Shimamura Toshihiro v. Kitani Minoru GH119773517-
 Kitani Minoru v. Shimamura Toshihiro GH119773517-
**Weak Player's ProverbsRoads, FrancisHum19773518
**Proverbs, Weak Player's -Roads, FrancisHum19773518
 Lasker, Edward PAm19773519
 US Eastern Championship 1976 T7619773519
 Auckland Championship 1976 T7619773519
 German Championship 1976 T7619773519
 Reading Championship 1976 T7619773520
 Northern League 1976/77 T7719773520
*Note from Bob Hitchens, A - BGA1977362
*Professional GameMitchell, DavidGam1977363-
 Honinbo League 1976 T761977363-
 Rin Kaiho v. Sakata Eio (Honinbo League 1976) GEv1977363-
 Sakata Eio v. Rin Kaiho (Honinbo League 1976) GEv1977363-
*Widows, A Page for Go -Pindar, John 1977368
*Tsume-goChandler, BrianL+D1977369
*Odd Notes on GoFairbairn, JohnRat1977369
 Hoensha OHs1977369
*Hamete Fairbairn, JohnJos 19773610-
 Nadare Joseki Jos19773610-
  Joseki, Nadare - Jos19773610-
*Armies, Why I Like - Roads, FrancisTch 19773611
*Grading List, BGA -Prescott, PaulPly19773612-
**Bad Shape, There's - and Bad Shape Fairbairn, JohnJos 19773613
**Shape, There's Bad - and Bad Shape Fairbairn, JohnJos 19773613
 Hoshi Joseki Jos19773613
  Joseki, Hoshi - Jos19773613
**Middle Game Joseki, A -Fairbairn, JohnMid19773614-
** Joseki, A Middle Game -Fairbairn, JohnMid19773614-
*Tsume-go - AnswerChandler, BrianL+D19773615
**BGA Youth Committee Tch19773616
**Youth Committee, BGA - Tch19773616
*Grading System for New Clubs, A -Allen, JohnRat19773617
*Masters of Go. Part 1Pindar, JohnGam19773618-
 Sansetsu Sotoyama v. Jowa (1820) GH119773618-
 Jowa v. Sansetsu Sotoyama (1820) GH119773618-
*Jubilee Challenge Trophy, The - Tou19773620
 Lightning Go Marathon 1977 T771977371-
 Mitchell, David PAm1977371-
*Jubilee Challenge Trophy (1977, South Cotswold v. Bristol) T771977372
 South Cotswold Club v. Bristol Club (Jubilee Chall. Trophy 1977) T771977372
 Bristol Club v. South Cotswold Club (Jubilee Chall. Trophy 1977) T771977372
*Not So Well Known, Games by the -Fairbairn, JohnGam1977373-
 Honinbo Tournament 1975 T751977373-
 Kada Katsuji v. Sugiuchi Masao (Honinbo Tournament 1975) GEv1977373-
 Sugiuchi Masao v. Kada Katsuji (Honinbo Tournament 1975) GEv1977373-
*Trigantius Memorial Tournament 1977, The -Erbach, DaveT771977379
 Cambridge Tournament 1977 T771977379
*British Go Congress (1977), 10th - T7719773710
 Leicester (British Go Congress 1977)T77 19773710
*Libraries Exhibition Castledine, BrianPub 19773710
**Candidates Tournament and Challengers League 1977Macfadyen, MatthewT7719773711
**Challengers League, Candidates Tournament and - 1977Macfadyen, MatthewT7719773711
*Long Jump (Toby), Go Notes by - Lan19773711
**Woodford Grading LadderRoads, FrancisRat19773712
**Grading Ladder, Woodford -Roads, FrancisRat19773712
*Magazine, New Go -Sutton, DavidLit19773713
 Go WorldPower, JohnLit19773713
*Amsterdam (1977), Spring in -Thompson, BobT7719773713
 Amsterdam Tournament 1977 T7719773713
*Northern Congress 1976, Game from -Hollings, Mark et alGam19773714-
 Manchester (Northern Go Congress 1976) T7619773714-
 Northern Go Congress 1976 T7619773714-
 Chandler, Brian v. Fawthrop, Steve (Northern Go Congress 1976) GEv19773714-
 Fawthrop, Steve v. Chandler, Brian (Northern Go Congress 1976) GEv19773714-
*Book ReviewHunter, DerekLit19773718
 Invitation to GoFairbairn, JohnLit19773718
**Middle Game JosekiFairbairn, JohnMid19773719
** Joseki, Middle Game -Fairbairn, JohnMid19773719
**Braille Go Set, A -Heavens, SteveEqu19773720
**Go Set, A Braille -Heavens, SteveEqu19773720
*President's NotesDaly, AndrewBGA1977383
 British Championship TSy1977383
 BGA Budget BGA1977383
 Budget, BGA - BGA1977383
*Challengers League (1977)Castledine, BrianGam1977384-
 Challengers League 1977 T771977384-
 Prescott, Paul v. Goddard, Tony (Challengers League 1977) GEv1977384-
 Goddard, Tony v. Prescott, Paul (Challengers League 1977) GEv1977384-
*Book Scene, The -Sutton, DavidLit1977386-
 Reading Honinbo 1977 T7719773810
**Questionnaire, The (BGA) -Cross, AlisonBGA19773811
 BGA Questionnaire BGA19773811
*Southern League (1976/77)Macfadyen, MatthewT7719773812
*Jubilee Challenge Trophy (1977, South Cotswold v. Southampton) T7719773812
 South Cotswold Club v. Southampton Club (Jub. Chall. Trophy '77) T7719773812
 Southampton Club v. South Cotswold Club (Jub. Chall. Trophy '77) T7719773812
*Bloodthirsty Dirk, The -Fairbairn, JohnJos19773813-
 Komoku Joseki Jos19773813-
  Joseki, Komoku - Jos19773813-
*London Go Centre Championships (1977), 2nd -Macfadyen, MatthewT7719773818
*AGM (1977), BGA - SummaryManning, TobyBGA19773818
 BGA AGM 1977 BGA19773818
 AGM 1977, BGA - BGA19773818
*Northern Go Congress (1977), 3rd -Pindar, JohnT7719773818
 Manchester (Northern Go Congress 1977) T7719773818
*European Go Congress (1977) T7719773819
 Rijswijk (EGoC 1977) T7719773819
 European Championship 1977 T7719773819

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