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by Category, Gam

Gam13 Stones - Is it Real Go?Macfadyen, Matthew*19835816-
GamAbsolute GoMacfadyen, Matthew*19928941-
GamAbsolute Go. Part 2Macfadyen, Matthew*19939142-
GamAbsolute Go. Part 3Macfadyen, Matthew*19939346-
GamAccident or Strategy?Wall, Alistair*19939348-
GamAll Over by Move 17Hall, T. Mark*19959915
GamAltena v. WrightWright, Chris et al**19897734-
GamAmsterdam Go Congress 1976, Game from -Macfadyen, Matthew*1976334-
GamAncient GameMitchell, David*19794421
GamArtus v. HorricksBarty, Jim**19784317-
GamAsahi Tournament (1989) Round 4Hall, T. Mark*19897738-
GamAstashkin v. HasibederAstashkin, Valeri et al**19784218-
GamAtomic Bomb Game  1994957
GamAuckland Go Congress 1975, Game from the -Castledine, Brian*1976343-
GamAustralia, A Game from -Roads, Francis*1993916-
GamBad Shape, The Pitfalls of -Philp, Brian et al**19804917-
GamBeer-drinking SujiMacfadyen, Matthew*19928832
GamBeginner's Corner. Part 3Terry, Bob*19928634-
GamBerry v. Green **19784117-
GamBest Games, Ten -Terry, Bob*19939318-
GamBest Games, Ten -. part 2Terry, Bob*19949415-
GamBest Games, Ten -. part 3Terry, Bob*1994957
GamBest Games, Ten -. part 4Terry, Bob*19949612-
GamBest Games, Ten -. part 5Terry, Bob*1994977
GamBest Games, Ten -. part 6Terry, Bob*1995986-
GamBest Games, Ten -. part 7Terry, Bob*19959952-
GamBest Games, Ten -. part 8Terry, Bob*199510025-
GamBest Games, Ten -. part 9Terry, Bob*199510117-
GamBest Games, Ten -. Part 10Terry, Bob*199610216-
GamBGC (1988), A Game from the - Round 4Goss, Simon et al*19887210-
GamBGC (1997), Two Games from the -Cann, Desmond*199710842-
GamBlack to Play and WinBarker, Terry*19887219-
GamBlood & Thunder *1983597-
GamBlunders, Large-scale -Hall, T. Mark*19939234-
GamBritish Championship (1971) FinalDiamond, Jon et al*19711412-
GamBritish Championship (1979) M. Macfadyen v. T. StaceyYoshida Yoichi et al*1980475-
GamBritish Championship (1980)Mitchell, David*1981518-
GamBritish Championship (1983)Macfadyen, M. et al*1984616-
GamBritish Championship (1987) Game 4Macfadyen, Matthew*1988736-
GamBritish Championship (1989)Macfadyen, M. et al*19897715-
GamBritish Championship (1990) Game 3Macfadyen, Matthew*1991825
GamBritish Championship (1997)Macfadyen, Matthew*19971084-
GamBritish Championship (1998)Macfadyen, Matthew*19981124-
GamBritish Championship 1972, The -. Game 1Diamond, Jon et al*19721814-
GamBritish Championship 1976Kobayashi Chizu et al*1977354-
GamBritish Championship 1993Macfadyen, Matthew*1993934-
GamBritish Championship 1994Macfadyen, Matthew*19959918-
GamBritish Championship 1997Macfadyen, Matthew*19971095
GamBritish Championship, Matthew Wins the -Roads, Francis*19877121-
GamBritish Congress (1968), A Game from the First - *1968513-
GamBritish National Go Championship (1975), Third Game in the -Manning, Toby et al*1976324-
GamBritish Open (1987) First RoundHall, T. Mark*1987707-
GamCandidates (Tournament 1990) GameHall, T. Mark*19908013-
GamCandidates Tournament (1991) GameHall, T. Mark*19918441-
GamCandidates Tournament CLGC 3rd May 1987Hall, T. Mark*19877019-
GamCanterbury (EGoC 1992), Games from - *19928830-
GamCastledine v. PiraniDiamond, Jon et al**1978425-
GamCentral FusekiDaly, Andrew**19794419
GamCentre StrategyDaniel, Roger*19939118-
GamCentre, The - Cannot HoldMatthews, Charles*199811244-
GamChallengers League (1977)Castledine, Brian*1977384-
GamChallengers League (1994) GameHall, T. Mark*19949610
GamChandler - CumperGranville, Richard**19877129
GamClare v. Manning, Game: -Manning, Toby*1974243-
GamClub Game, A -Holroyd, Fred*19907914-
GamCocke v. Janssen, Zlin: -Cocke, Matthew**199710651-
GamCosmic Style, An Early Launch for the -Barker, Terry*19907921-
GamCouple of Slips, A -Hall, T. Mark*199610544-
GamCumper - ChandlerGranville, Richard**19877129
GamDaly, Andrew v. A.N.OtherDaly, Andrew*19784216-
GamDan Game from Poland, A - *199510030-
GamDan, When - Meets Dan ...Clare, Jim et al*19887316-
GamDavid and GoliathBagot, Bob*19928651
GamDead Giant, A - *19856523
GamDeciderGranville, Richard*19846217
GamDemonstration GameTakagawa Kaku*1974224-
GamDiamond v. MacfadyenMacfadyen, M. et al**19784012-
GamDiamond v. MiyashitaMiyashita Shuzo et al**1971158-
GamDowsey v. Sutton **1979454-
GamDutch MiniatureDaly, Andrew*19794415-
GamDutch Three-Dans, Who's Afraid of -?Bagot, Bob**19949714-
GamEight Stone GameMatthews, Charles*199610419-
GamEight Stone Game, An -Hall, T. Mark*19939122-
GamEpsom Downs, Fun & Games in -Margetts, Paul et al*19949712
GamEuropean Championship (1967) Game No.1Nagahara Yoshiaki*1967225-
GamEuropean Championship (1967) Game No.2 *1967227-
GamEuropean Championship (1974), A Game from the -Prescott, Paul*1975294-
GamEuropean Championship (1975), Game from -Prescott, Paul*19763116-
GamEuropean Championship 1967Nagahara Y. et al*1968451-
GamEuropean Congress (1991) GP Games *19918411-
GamEuropean Go Championship Final 1987Roads, Francis*19877111-
GamEuropean Go Congress 1976, Game from -Macfadyen, Matthew*19763417-
GamEven Game, A Low Ranking -Tilley, John*1969913-
GamExit the Dinosaur *1983609-
GamEyes, Can't Take my - off YouBarker, Terry*19897622-
GamFearnley v. Hall **19784117
GamFeng Yun, Visit of -Rix, Alex*1993924-
GamFighting is Good for YouManning, Toby*19846327-
GamFighting SpiritMeiklejohn, Ian*19846221-
GamFighting, All - and Horrible MistakesFinch, Andy**19928731-
GamFloater, The -Fairbairn, John*1976345-
GamFour Larks and a HenSmithers, Eddie et al*19846118-
GamFour Stone GameMacfadyen, Matthew*19763114-
GamFour Stone HandicapCann, Desmond*199610220-
GamFour Stone Handicap Game *1968515-
GamFour Stones Handicap Game *1969814-
GamFree-for-AllBarker, Terry*19897520-
GamFriendly Game, A -Holroyd, Fred et al*19897412-
GamFujitsu Finals (1994), Second EGF -Miyamoto Naoki et al*19959936-
GamFuseki & FightingHall, T. Mark*19918316-
GamFuseki, Central -Daly, Andrew**19794419
GamGiant-KillerHall, T. Mark*19959826-
GamGoing Down FightingDaly, Andrew*19794616-
GamGolden Rule, The - *19856620-
GamGood Start, A -Tanaka Chieko et al*19887228
GamGrand FinaleMacfadyen, M. et al*19897423-
GamGreen v. Berry **19784117-
GamGroot de v. SmithSmith, Paul**19928939-
GamGrovel ... *19897510
GamHall v. Fearnley **19784117
GamHall v. JonesHall, T. Mark**19959922-
GamHamburg (EGoC 1988), A Game from -Draper, Steve*19887226-
GamHandicap Game *1968455
GamHandicap Game, A -Diamond, Jon et al*19731914-
GamHandicap Game, A -Holroyd, Fred*19918230-
GamHandicap Game, How to Control a -Fassbender, Jochen*199610317
GamHandicap PrinciplesWall, Alistair*19939210-
GamHandicap TrickeryHunter, Richard*19928739-
GamHannover 1987, Messeturnier -Yamada Takiso*19877027-
GamHasibeder v. AstashkinAstashkin, Valeri et al**19784218-
GamHasibeder v. Nie **19784312
GamHasibeder v. RebattuSakata Eio**1978437-
GamHeavens v. NagaharaMacfadyen, M. et al**1981549-
GamHoist by His Own InvasionBarnard, Paul*19949422-
GamHolland v. ScotlandCann, Desmond**19949518-
GamHollings v. Philp, Game - **19753012-
GamHolroyd v. RogerGrant, Andrew**19897516-
GamHome MatchHampton, Jo*19939139-
GamHondo in ActionSmith, John*19887329
GamHone v. HoneHampton, Jo*19939015-
GamHoninbo Cliff HangerChetwynd, Jonathan*19949614
GamHonourable DefeatMacfadyen, Matthew*1982568-
GamHorricks v. ArtusBarty, Jim**19784317-
GamHuang v. Kong **1979448-
GamHunter v. MacleodGrant, Andrew**19897730-
GamHunter v. YoshidaDowsey, Stuart**19804716-
GamIGS, Replay Over -Marxer, Hermann*199510050-
GamInfluence, Using Your -Roads, Francis*1984634-
GamInfluences, Conflicting -Hall, T. Mark*19908010-
GamIng World Cup (1992/93) FinalFinch, Andy et at*19939332-
GamIrving v. ManningManning, Toby et al**19753016-
GamItaly, Two Games from -Hall, T. Mark*199610442-
GamIwamoto v. RoadsRoads, Francis*19752915-
GamJanssen - ShawMacfadyen, Matthew**19856612-
GamJanssen v. Cocke, Zlin: -Cocke, Matthew**199710651-
GamJapanese Eyes Focus on the Nine-Dan BuildingFinch, Andy et al**19949728-
GamJones v. HallHall, T. Mark**19959922-
GamJoseki, Knowing the Score - And the -Grant, Andrew**19939044-
GamKato's Lucky Start, Meijin Title (1986) Game - **19866830
GamKeeble v. KoesterCann, Desmond**19939138-
GamKiwi GoParmenter, Graeme*199710610-
GamKoester v. KeebleCann, Desmond**19939138-
GamKong v. Huang **1979448-
GamKunwa Go Salon, Lessons from -. Part 1Hunter, Richard**19928648-
GamKunwa Go Salon, Lessons from -. Part 2Hunter, Richard**19928730
GamKunwa Go Salon, Lessons from -. Part 3Hunter, Richard**19928818-
GamKunwa Go Salon, Lessons from -. Part 4Hunter, Richard**19928934
GamKunwa Go Salon, Lessons from -. Part 5Hunter, Richard**19939056
GamKunwa Go Salon, Lessons from -. Part 6Hunter, Richard**19939255
GamKunwa Go Salon, Lessons from -. Part 7Hunter, Richard**19939345
GamKyu Game from Poland, A -Schuster, Malte et al*199510042
GamKyu Games CommentedHall, T. Mark*199610230-
GamKyu Games CommentedHall, T. Mark*199610320-
GamKyu Games CommentedHall, T. Mark*199610422-
GamKyu Games CommentedHall, T. Mark*199610522-
GamKyu Games CommentedHall, T. Mark*199710626-
GamKyu Games CommentedHall, T. Mark*199710720-
GamKyu Games CommentedHall, T. Mark*199710818-
GamKyu Games CommentedHall, T. Mark*199710918-
GamKyu Games CommentedHall, T. Mark*199811022-
GamKyu Games CommentedHall, T. Mark*199811118-
GamKyu Games CommentedHall, T. Mark et al*199811224-
GamKyu Games Commented. Part 1Hall, T. Mark*199510014-
GamKyu Games Commented. Part 2Hall, T. Mark*199510146-
GamKyu Games Wanted *199811135
GamKyu Games, Two Single-Holroyd, Fred*19907818-
GamKyu Player's CornerTerry, Bob*19907924-
GamLeeds Congress (1971), A Game from the -Tilley, John*1971149-
GamLeicester (Tournament) 1995, Three Games from -Collinson, Mark et al*199610310-
GamLesson with Dr ZhangWall, Alistair**19928622-
GamLessons from Kunwa Go Salon. Part 1Hunter, Richard**19928648-
GamLessons from Kunwa Go Salon. Part 2Hunter, Richard**19928730
GamLessons from Kunwa Go Salon. Part 3Hunter, Richard**19928818-
GamLessons from Kunwa Go Salon. Part 4Hunter, Richard**19928934
GamLessons from Kunwa Go Salon. Part 5Hunter, Richard**19939056
GamLessons from Kunwa Go Salon. Part 6Hunter, Richard**19939255
GamLessons from Kunwa Go Salon. Part 7Hunter, Richard**19939345
GamLiberties, Counting -: Game Examples. Part 1Hunter, Richard*199811248-
GamLife in the Slow LaneBarty, Jim et al*19815121-
GamLife, Death and Limbo, Of -Holroyd, Fred et al*19918328-
GamLinz (EGoC 1981), A Game from -Granville, Richard*1981544-
GamLondon Go Centre, Match Played at the Opening of the -Magari Reiki*1975283-
GamLondon Open (1984/85), A Game from the - *19856415
GamLondon Open (1993/94), A Game from the -Cann, Desmond*19949442-
GamLondon Open Go Congress 1975, A Game from the -Hall, T. Mark et al*19752910-
GamLose a Game in Twenty Moves, How to -Hall, T. Mark*19949522-
GamLuck of the Bold, The -Barty, Jim*19805010-
GamMacfadyen - SchlemperLuo et al**19856610-
GamMacfadyen v. DiamondMacfadyen, M. et al**19784012-
GamMacleod v. HunterGrant, Andrew**19897730-
GamManchester 1975, 1st Northern Open - *19763214
GamManning v. IrvingManning, Toby et al**19753016-
GamMarlborough 1974Tilley, John*1975272-
GamMarseille (EGoC 1997), Two Games from -Hall, T. Mark*199710938-
GamMassacre, Classical StyleMacfadyen, Matthew*19815210-
GamMasters of Go. Part 1Pindar, John*19773618-
GamMay v. MitchellMitchell, David**19784013-
GamMeijin Title (1986) Game - Kato's Lucky Start **19866830
GamMeijin Title (1989) Game 1Macfadyen, Matthew*1989777-
GamMidland News *19877127-
GamMills v. O'CallaghanMacfadyen, Matthew**1979456-
GamMills v. StaceyMacfadyen, Matthew**1980488-
GamMirror, Mirror on the Go BanFelix, Yerry*199710619-
GamMissed OpportunitiesFinch, Andy*19908028-
GamMistakes by BothHall, T. Mark*19897628-
GamMistakes, All Fighting and Horrible -Finch, Andy**19928731-
GamMitchell v. MayMitchell, David**19784013-
GamMiura v. WestMacfadyen, Matthew**19804717-
GamMiyashita v. DiamondMiyashita Shuzo et al**1971158-
GamMoussa v. ShiraeChandler, Brian**19928810-
GamNagahara v. HeavensMacfadyen, M. et al**1981549-
GamNamur (EGoC 1991), A Game from -Hunter, Richard*19918536-
GamNever Say DieCann, Desmond*19949638-
GamNHK Cup (1990) GameChandler, Brian*19908033-
GamNie v. Hasibeder **19784312
GamNine-Dan Building, Japanese Eyes Focus on the -Finch, Andy et al**19949728-
GamNo Brakes *1985656-
GamNorthern Congress 1976, Game from -Hollings, Mark et al*19773714-
GamNorthern Tie-breakerHall, T. Mark*199510122
GamNorwich (British Go Congress 1993), A Game from -Holroyd, Fred*19939135
GamNot Off the HookHall, T. Mark*19959928-
GamNot So Well Known, Games by the -Fairbairn, John*1977373-
GamNothing Like the SunStacey, Terry*1983606-
GamO'Callaghan v. MillsMacfadyen, Matthew**1979456-
GamO'Callaghan v. Olsson **19784016-
GamOkonomi-goChandler, Brian*19918525-
GamOlsson v. O'Callaghan **19784016-
GamOmachi (World Amateur Championship 1996)Macfadyen, Matthew*199610446-
GamOne-Kyu Player, Advice for a -Hall, T. Mark*19959812-
GamOtake, Just You Wait, -!Finch, Andy*19939128-
GamPair Go Final 1994Cann, Desmond*19959939
GamPair Go Tournament (1992)Macfadyen, Matthew*19928936-
GamPastures GreenBarty, Jim et al*1982556-
GamPhilp v. Hollings, Game - **19753012-
GamPicking Daffodils on the Piccadilly LineMacfadyen, Matthew*1983585-
GamPirani v. CastledineDiamond, Jon et al**1978425-
GamPostal GoTerry, Bob*19897627
GamPro, A - at WansteadRoads, Francis**1993928-
GamProdigal's ReturnMacfadyen, Matthew*19897618-
GamProfessional AdviceHall, T. Mark*19897625-
GamProfessional CommentaryNagahara Yoshiaki*19815424-
GamProfessional Game *1971136-
GamProfessional GameAoki Shimpei*19742210-
GamProfessional GameMitchell, David*1977363-
GamProfessional Game AnalysisFeng Yun*1994964-
GamProfessional Game No. 2Aoki Shimpei et al*1967338-
GamProfessional Game No. 3 *196867
GamProfessional Game, A -Diamond, Jon*1970116-
GamProfessional Games, Three -Feng Yun*1995994-
GamProfessional v. ProfessionalFeng Yun*19928832-
GamProfessional VisitTilley, John et al*1975265-
GamRAFA Go Challenge Trophy August 1972, Game: -Daly, Andrew*1973205-
GamReading Congress 1974, Game Recorded from the -Prescott, Paul*1975268-
GamReading Honinbo (1976), A Game from the - *19763315-
GamReading League Match (1975), Game Played at the -Hall, T. Mark*1975308-
GamRebattu v. HasibederSakata Eio**1978437-
GamRehm v. Smith at ZlinSmith, Paul**199710656-
GamRehm v. SucRehm, Robert et al**19804714-
GamRipping End, A -Hall, T. Mark*19939322-
GamRobbery?Macfadyen, Matthew*19805014-
GamRoger v. HolroydGrant, Andrew**19897516-
GamRomania, A Game from -Chun Poong-Jho*199811238-
GamRudd v. TudballRudd, Simon et al**19897526-
GamRusty GoBarker, Terry*19907930-
GamSackcloth and AshesWard, David et al*19949512-
GamSan-san Worries. Part 5Matthews, Charles*199710733-
GamSanren-sei, An Example of - *19742314-
GamSchlemper - MacfadyenLuo et al**19856610-
GamScore, Knowing the - And the JosekiGrant, Andrew**19939044-
GamScotland v. HollandCann, Desmond**19949518-
GamSemeai, How to Fight a - Diederen v. CrossMacfadyen, Matthew*19794610-
GamSeven Stone Game, A -Grant, Andrew*19939136-
GamSeven Stone Lesson *19721611-
GamSeven Stones Handicap Game *1968611-
GamSFKs, Points for -Holroyd, Fred*19877135-
GamShape, The Pitfalls of Bad -Philp, Brian et al**19804917-
GamShaw - JanssenMacfadyen, Matthew**19856612-
GamShirae v. MoussaChandler, Brian**19928810-
GamShrewsbury (Tournament 1992), A Game from -Wedd, Nick et al*19928944
GamShrewsbury (Tournament 1992), More Games from -Wedd, Nick et al*19939020-
GamSix Stone GameMatthews, Charles*199710943-
GamSix Stone Game, A -Iwamoto Kaoru*19701212-
GamSix Stone Handicap GameAoki Shimpei*1973215-
GamSix Stone VictoryIwamoto Kaoru et al*19721810-
GamSix Stones Handicap Game *196873-
GamSlow Motion Action ReplayMacfadyen, Matthew*19835910-
GamSlug of the MonthMacfadyen, Matthew*19836018-
GamSmith v. Groot deSmith, Paul**19928939-
GamSmith v. Rehm at ZlinSmith, Paul**199710656-
GamStacey v. MillsMacfadyen, Matthew**1980488-
GamStacey's VictoryMacfadyen, M. et al*1986674-
GamStaying AliveMacfadyen, Matthew*19866714-
GamStrategic Defeat, A -Grant, Andrew*19928726-
GamStrength with MenaceScarff, Allan*19928614-
GamSuc v. RehmRehm, Robert et al**19804714-
GamSuffering for One WinFinch, Andy et al*19959946-
GamSutton v. Dowsey **1979454-
GamSwindle, A -Hall, T. Mark*19897430-
GamTeaching Game, A -Hall, T. Mark*19949630-
GamTeam GoTilley, John*19731913-
GamTerritorial StrategyHall, T. Mark*199610339-
GamTerritory in Front of WallsWard, David et al*19949618-
GamThrashing AboutHall, T. Mark*1993926-
GamThree Players at Board 42Hazelden, Tim*19928834-
GamThree-Dans, Who's Afraid of Dutch -?Bagot, Bob**19949714-
GamTime, Using Our - Wisely?Bagot, Bob*199510046-
GamTouch of Class, A -Ishii Kunio*1983595-
GamTough at the BottomSmith, Paul*199610426-
GamTudball v. RuddRudd, Simon et al**19897526-
GamTwo Moves in a Row, The Value of -Macfadyen, Matthew*19939033-
GamUnbreakable TieHall, T. Mark*199610540-
GamUnnecessary MovesRoads, Francis*19876912-
GamUps and DownsHolroyd, Fred*19949740-
GamVideo GoChandler, Brian*19928926-
GamVideo Go, More -Chandler, Brian*19939036-
GamVideo Go, More -Hunter, Richard*1994958-
GamVirtues of Vigour, The -Barty, Jim*19815216-
GamWall v. ZhangWall, Alistair**19939032-
GamWanstead, A Pro at -Roads, Francis**1993928-
GamWanted - New Trophy CabinetRoads, Francis*19939212-
GamWeak Groups, Too Many -Diamond, Jon et al*1973194-
GamWessex (Tournament 1981)Granville, R. et al*19825524-
GamWessex (Tournament) 1973, Game Played 1st Division -Hall, T. Mark et al*19742413-
GamWest v. MiuraMacfadyen, Matthew**19804717-
GamWhite's Stones Can Be KilledRoads, Francis*19877131-
GamWright v. AltenaWright, Chris et al**19897734-
GamWrong DirectionsHall, T. Mark*1994948-
GamYoshida v. HunterDowsey, Stuart**19804716-
GamYouth GameRudd, Simon*19928933-
GamZhang v. WallWall, Alistair**19939032-
GamZhang, Lesson with Dr -Wall, Alistair**19928622-

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