British Go Journal Game Files

This page is intended to provide SGF files of the games, and some of the more diagram-intensive articles (mainly ones that can't really be understood without actually playing through the moves), in the British Go Journal. Usually only the moves (not the comments) are included.

Also included, from issue 140 on, are problem diagrams.

Full articles from older journals, recent book and software reviews, some recent expanded articles and PDFs of all journals older than a year are also available.

  • BGJ 175 - Spring 2016 - Members only.
  • BGJ 174 - Winter 2015-16 - Members only.
  • BGJ 173 - Autumn 2015 - Members only.
  • BGJ 172 - Summer 2015 - Members only.
  • BGJ 171 - Spring 2015.

If you don't yet have a program that reads SGF, you can find one here, or here.

Please report any mistakes in the SGF files to the webmaster. If you yourself enter the moves into a computer from any Journal game not in this collection, you could help by mailing him the completed file.

Last updated Sat Apr 30 2016. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.