Book Reviews

Here are some reviews of both some recent and some older Go instructional books and also some Go novels from the British Go Journal and the American Go Ejournal.

The order here is roughly the date order of the reviews. Click on Title to sort into alphabetical order.

Other reviews are available: David Carlton's Go Bibliography has reviews of many books, Go Books which has some showing book covers and other reviews can often be found on Sensei's Library or on Amazon or publishers' websites.

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Young Samurai: The Ring of Water

BGJ 155 Spring 2011

Reviewer: Tony Atkins

ISBN 978-0-141-33254-3

“The Ring of Water” is the fifth book in the Young Samurai series of books for

Winning Go

BGJ 154 Winter 2010

Reviewer: Glynn Forsythe

ISBN 978-4-8053-1072-4

Subtitled "successful moves from the opening to the endgame" by Richard Bozulich and Peter Shotwell. Published by

Vital Points and Skillful Finesse for Sabaki

BGJ 141 Summer 2007

Re viewer: Charles Matthews

ISBN 0-9788874-0-9

Expert level Go is not that easy to explain. One of the main attractions is, though, simple enough to put across: the

Vital Points and Skilful Finesse for Sabaki; Hinoki Press/Yoda Norimoto

BGJ 172 Summer 2015

Author: Roger Huyshe

Only when you have understood the meaning of light and heavy formations, is it time to move on to the more subtle concept of sabaki. Sabaki is the result where weak or invading stones emerge with some eyeshape or a palatable

Understanding How to Play Go

BGJ 123 Summer 2001

Reviewer: Matthew Macfadyen

ISBN 1-9706193-0-8

Go books appear at such a rate nowadays that the habits of the 1970’s, when most of the keener players

Understanding Dan Level Play

BGJ 159 Spring 2012

PDF version

Train Like a Pro

American e-Journal review, republished by permission of the American Go Association

Reviewer: Philip Waldron

Vol. 1 ISBN 0-90079-26-8 Vol. 2 ISBN 0-90079-27-6

While everyone dreams of having a professional teacher to pass on the secrets of the

Top European Players Training

BGJ 146 Autumn 2008

Reviewer: Tony Atkins

ISBN 978-80-254-2611-1

Catalin Taranu is another one of those authors I know, but only a very recent addition to the list, as this

Think Like a Pro: Pae

BGJ 143 Winter 2007

Reviewer: Ian Davis

ISBN 89-90079-42-X

The first time I saw a book on ko, I remember thinking to myself, why on earth devote a book to such a narrow topic as ko. By the

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet

BGJ 155 Spring 2011

Reviewer: Bill Brakes

Hard back edition ISBN 978-0-340-92156-2
Trade paperback ISBN 978-0-340-92157-9
Paperback B-format ISBN 978-0-340-92158-6
Paperback A-format ISBN 978-0-340-92159-3