Some examples available in the UK from are shown below.
Similar products are available from other UK retailers and foreign suppliers.

The BGA starter set for schools, in plastic ziptop bag, with plastic stones in plastic bags and laminated 9×9 board is pictured here. The Quick Reference rules, devised for the UK Go Challenge, are on the reverse.
An inexpensive version of Go suitable for beginners. It has a 9x9 leatherette board, plastic stones and simple single-sheet instructions to get you started. Pentangle reference PT1G
A recommended start set, nicely packaged in a box, with plastic stones and plywood 13×13 board with 9×9 on the reverse is pictured here. Pentangle reference PG13
A starter set, nicely packaged in a tube, with plastic stones and 13×13 leatherette board. Pentangle reference PGT1
8mm glass stones. The board is in two pieces, which are normally held together by a magnetic strip. It is here shown dismantled. It is has a 19×19 board on one side and has a 13x13 board on the other side. Pentangle reference PGT3
Plastic stones in plastic bowls. Pentangle reference SSP
Pair of wooden Go bowls made from jujube wood and suitable for holding most sets of stones. Pentangle reference D12

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