Travel to Cambridge

Travel to Robinson College, Cambridge

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow has Terminals at three different locations. Terminals 1,2 and 3 are in the centre of the airport; Terminal 4 is on the southern edge and Terminal 5 in on the western edge.

There are two separate railway systems serving Heathrow. The London Underground (also known as the Tube) is the metro service; there are separate stations at each of the terminal locations. The mainline train service also serves each of the terminal locations.

The recommended way to get to Cambridge is by using the underground service. Look for the London Transport logo. The service is frequent (approximately every 5 minutes) and goes through central London. Take the tube to “King’s Cross St Pancras” Station, this takes about 65 minutes. Beware: as a metro service, there are no toilet facilities.

Leave the underground and follow signs to “King’s Cross” station (look for the National Rail logo). At King’s Cross look for a train to Cambridge or to King’s Lynn (all trains to King’s Lynn stop at Cambridge). There are 2/3 trains each hour, taking xx minutes.

It is possible to use the mainline train service from Heathrow (“fast train to London”); this runs every 15 minutes. This takes you to London Paddington, from where you will need to change on to the underground to get to King’s Cross. At King’s Cross you take a mainline train (see above). This method is about 10 minutes faster than the Tube, but is considerably more awkward and also more expensive.

It is possible to get from Heathrow to Cambridge by coach. Go to Heathrow central bus station which is adjacent to Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Coaches to Cambridge take about xx minutes and run every xx minutes. To get to the central bus station from terminals 4 or 5 take the mainline train service “fast train to London”; this service is free within the airport.

London Gatwick

London Gatwick is served by mainline train services. The railway station is close to the exit from the Airport. You will need to take a train whose destination is Bedford (the “Thameslink service”). Do NOT take a train simply going to London.

The train to Bedford stops at King’s Cross/St Pancras. Get off the train here and go up the escalators; follow signs to “King’s Cross Station” from where you take a train to Cambridge.

London Stansted

This is the most convenient airport for Cambridge. Go to the train station at the exit from the airport, and take a train to Cambridge or Birmingham (2 trains an hour); all trains to Birmingham stop at Cambridge. Do NOT take the “Stansted Express” to London.

London Luton

There is no simple train service from Luton to Cambridge. Bus


The Eurostar train service runs through the Channel Tunnel from Paris or Brussels to London St Pancras. From here it is a 50 metre walk to King’s Cross Station.

From Cambridge Station to Robinson College

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