Oxford Student Go Society

Oxford Student Go Society

The Oxford Student Go Society normally meets 7.30pm- late on a Thursday in weeks 1-8 of the Oxford University term. to play the oriental board game Go – Japanese: 囲碁 (Igo), Chinese: 围棋/圍棋(WéiQí [Wei-Ch'i]), Korean: 바둑 (Baduk/Paduk).

We welcome complete beginners, and can teach you.


You can join the club's gosoc mailing list to get the latest news – to subscribe, simply send an email request, with the "Subject:" line saying "subscribe gosoc YourGivenName YourFamilyName" to sympa@maillist.ox.ac.uk, or click on this link, and follow the instructions.
If necessary, you can contact the Club Secretary (Toby Cathcart Burn) – see contact info, below.

Where, and when?

We meet in the room called Fitzjames 2, in Merton College, Merton Street, Oxford, OX1 4JD. Here is a Google map showing Merton College. Please note that the College security normally requires that we meet the Secretary (or another Merton College member) at the Porter's Lodge before entering. Below, is a Google map with streetview, showing the Porters' Lodge.

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Usually Thursdays, 7.30 p.m. until approximately 11.30 p.m. . Come along whenever it suits you, but remember that someone will have to let you in to the college, so it is better to arrive at approximately 7.30 pm. Toby's mobile number is 07821 199649, if you get lost, or arrive late!

N.B. We meet in term-time (Oxford University, weeks 1-8) only. However, the Oxford City Go Club holds meetings, on Tuesdays (and very rarely on Thursday, instead), throughout the rest of the year, and we are welcome to join them – for free!

Michaelmas 2016 Week 1 Thursday, 13 October – Week 8 Thursday 1 December
Hilary 2017 Week 1 Thursday, 19 January – Week 8 Thursday, 9 March
Trinity 2017 Week 1 Thursday, 27 April – Week 4 Thursday, 18 May

Note that gosoc has ended for the 2016-17 academic year.


We meet in the room called Fitzjames 2, in Merton College, Merton Street, Oxford, OX1 4JD. See map above

Who and what?

Membership of the Student Go Society is open to all students/members of Oxford University, and we welcome visitors of all strengths from elsewhere, particularly Oxford Brookes. All members of our Club automatically have full visitor rights at the Oxford City Go Club, which meets on Tuesday (and maybe Thursday) evenings.

As well as providing boards and stones, for Club use, we have a small lending library.

Contact Info

Club President:

Club Secretary:

We are affiliated to the British Go Association.

Some Background

The Club was founded in 1966, and held its early meetings in Trinity College, Oxford. The then Secretary, Derek Hunter, went on to serve as Secretary of the British Go Association for many years. The Club hosted the first British Go Congress in Jesus College, Oxford, on 22nd-24th March 1968, when 57 players from all over Great Britain took part. Since then, and starting in 1983, the Club has hosted (or co-hosted) over 20 Go tournaments in Oxford.

Over the years, we have played several matches against the Cambridge University Go Society. Unfortunately, they have usually been stronger us. However, there was one memorable occasion, in November 1973, when Oxford beat Cambridge by 10 games to 6. In February 2012 we won 8-7.

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