Council Meeting Highlights: 2011-07-16

This summarises the major discussions and actions from the BGA Council meeting 16th July 2011 and preceding discussions

  • The Treasurer presented a draft budget, which implied a small loss. However, handover from the previous Treasurer had been problematic.
  • There was a discussion on subscriptions (since they were unchanged for a number of years), whether clubs should pay separately etc.
  • It was agreed, as a result of the loss of the Winton sponsorship, to reduce the prizes for the British Championship to £150 and £75. Additionally Francis Roads would be asked to run the Pair Go event on a break-even basis in future (after a considerable loss in 2011 covered by previous sponsorship).
  • An analysis of tournament entry and membership was discussed. It was concerning about the number of lapsed member who had been active players. These would be followed up and a number of other actions were agreed.
  • Paul Barnard had agreed to take over the Membership Secretary role early in 2012.
  • Alex Rix was appointed as the representative at the EGF AGM and Alison and Simon Bexfield as UK representatives to IAPGC
  • Some issues with the Online League, payments not being taken and how to handle players who don't play, were discussed and a number of actions agreed.
  • Some possible teaching options, especially for juniors were discussed. A report on Youth development was also discussed and it is now planned to update/correct the schools contacts list as a priority. Chris Bryant was taking over the Shodan Challenge.
  • Some actions on encouraging Double Figure Kyus were agreed.
  • The London Open organisation was now on track and flyers would be available for distribution in the USA and at Bordeaux.
  • A proposal from Zen Machine for a second phase of workshops in Hertfordshire had been received and it was agreed with certain provisos. Direct contact with Hertfordshire would be arranged.
  • An online membership system was discussed and it was noted that no agreed requirements were available, although a draft document had been produced a little while ago. A subcommittee consisting of Jon Diamond, John Collins, Toby Manning and Paul Barnard was appointed to review this. It was subsequently noted that neither Paul nor Phil Beck had significant time available to progress this before April 2012.

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