Our Promotional Material logos

The table below gives links to several forms of the British Go Association logo, and contributors should use these for all material published under our name on the web or paper. These were produced by Andy Brixey starting from the original gohead12.gif and gohead1.gif images. The .jpg images have a white background and the .png (the standard web graphic) and .gif images have a transparent background.

The png images scale very well, and smaller images have been produced by scaling down from Andy's large image. If you need a different sized image and don't have proper image processing software, then contact the webmaster who will arrange to get the file produced. Apart from a possible white background and a change in size, all the images look like this:

FILE NAME Size(pixels) Approximate Size(mm)


865 x 316 305 x 111


457 x 167 161 x 59


283 x 104 100 x 37


142 x 52 50 x 18
gohead1.gif 383 x 138 135 x 49
134 x 50 50 x 18

Last updated Mon Apr 08 2013. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.