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Our Recent Press Release:

Winton Capital Management, one of the UK's most successful investment management companies, has agreed to sponsor the BGA to send a 20-strong UK team to the World Mind Sports Games in Beijing in October 2008.

With all eyes on the Olympic Games, it is not generally appreciated that the Olympic venue will later be used to host a similar event for the world's Mind Sports players. In addition to Go, the Beijing event will also include Chess, Bridge, Draughts and Chinese Chess.

A delighted Toby Manning, the BGA's Team Leader for Beijing, said "This sponsorship from Winton will enable us to field a full complement of the UK's strongest Go players for the Men's and the Women's individual and team events."

Winton Capital Managament is a UK based global investment management company, founded by David Harding in 1997. Winton relies solely on scientific research in mathematics, statistics and computer science, to develop successful investment strategies. It now employes over 200 people abd manages over $16 billion for international financial institutions from offices in London, Oxford and Cambridge.

Gemma Cochrane, Head of Charity and Sponsorship, said "Winton is proud to be associated with the 2008 British Go Tour in Beijing and wishes the team the best of luck at the WMSG."

Other Support

The Chinese hosts are covering all accommodation costs for all the teams and Air China have supplied a free ticket to one Go player from each country. In addition the tickets of our Mixed Pairs players are provided by the World Pair Go Association.

The BGA would like to thank all who have supported the team financially.

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