WMSG 2012 Gallery

Group Picture 15th August

WMSG in Lille

Showing the conference centre venue and its entrance, the event banner displayed around Lille, our individual players, our team players and Tony Atkins, Women's Event Organiser.

Day 1

13th August: first day of play with Andrew Simons (twice), Anna Griffiths, Chong Han, Henry Manners, Paul Tabor and Vanessa Wong - our team in red shirts (though look orange) - and a view of the women's event.

Day 2

14th August: Second day of th individual tournaments, again our team in red shirts.

Day 3

15th August: Finals of individual events - Vanessa Wong losing women's third fourth play-off, the individual medal winners and Korean professionals lecturing.

Day 4

16th August: The team event starts with UK against Ireland and UK2 against Canada.

Day 5

17th August: the team event continues.

Group Picture 18th August

Second Week

Pair Go (with the Bexfields) and also youth events.

Group Picture 22nd August

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