History of Go Books in English

The number of Go books in English has been increasing since the 1970s. This page provides a short recent history of books and their publishers. Up to December 2010, when our Bookshop ceased operation, it shows the date they became available for purchase. Books published since 2010 are shown with the year of publication.

Some books are also published in electronic format, as well as paper, and some electronic only (not listed).

2015K84The Road Map to Shodan Vol. 4: A Survey of the Basic Tesujis
K93Modern Master Games Vol. 3: 2014 Ten-Game Match Between Lee Sedol & Gu Li Part 2
2014 Games of Wonder (by Wu Jun and Wu Jiong)
Baduk Classic: The Art of Closing Vol. 1 - 6 (pub. Baduk TV)
Baduk Classic: The Profound and Mysterious Vol. 1 - 4 (pub. Baduk TV)
JASEndgame Vol. 1 Fundamentals (by Robert Jasiek)
JASEasy Learning Joseki (by Robert Jasiek)
K81The Road Map to Shodan Vol. 1: Handicap-Go Strategy and the Sanrensei Opening
K82The Road Map to Shodan Vol. 2: The Basic Principles of the Opening and Middle Game
K83The Road Map to Shodan Vol. 3: The Basic Life and Death Positions
K92Modern Master Games Vol. 2: 2014 Ten-Game Match Between Lee Sedol & Gu Li Part 1
SLIK01Invasions (by Iwamoto Kaoru)
SLIK02Reductions (by Iwamoto Kaoru)
SLYZ19Whole Board Opening Problems (by Yuan Zhou)
Four-Stone Games Pt. 2 (by Guo Bailing)
Four-Stone Games Pt. 1 (by Guo Bailing)
2013 Three-Stone Games (by Guo Bailing)
SLYZ18The Chinese Opening (Yuan Zhou)
SLYZ17Deep Thought (Yuan Zhou)
SLYZ16Single Digit Kyu Game Commentaries (by Yuan Zhou)
The Elephant in the Paddy - Tsumego in Pictures
H15The Theory and Practice of Tsumego (by Valery Shikshin)
H16The Theory and Practice of Semeai (by Valery Shikshin)
H17The Theory and Practice of Shapes (by Valery Shikshin)
H18The Theory and Practice of Analysis (by Valery Shikshin)
JASPositional Judgement Vol. 1 Territory (by Robert Jasiek)
JASLife and Death Problems Vol. 1 Basics (by Robert Jasiek)
JASFighting Fundamentals (by Robert Jasiek)
2012SLJF08/9Power / Brilliance (by John Fairbairn)
SLGF01Simple Tesuji (Glynn Forsythe)
SLYZ15Learning from Pro Games (by Yuan Zhou)
H13The Best of Kido: The Art of Positional Analysis
H14The Best of Kido: The Ins and Outs of Life and Death
JASFirst Fundamentals (by Robert Jasiek)
JASJoseki Vol. 3 Dictionary (by Robert Jasiek)
K42The 21st Century Dictionary of Basic Joseki, Vol. 2
K65Graded Go Problems for Dan Players Vol. 5 (300 Tesuji Problems)
K64Graded Go Problems for Dan Players Vol. 4 (300 Life-and-Death Problems)
K78Fight Like a Pro: the Secrets of Kiai
K91Modern Master Games Vol. 1: The Dawning of Tournament Go
2011SLMR02Patterns of the Sanrensei (by Michael Redmond)
SLJF07Old Fuseki vs New Fuseki (by John Fairbairn)
JASJoseki Vol. 2 Strategy (by Robert Jasiek)
JASCapturing Races Vol. 1 Two Basic Groups (by Robert Jasiek)
K30Japanese Prints and the World of Go
K41The 21st Century Dictionary of Basic Joseki, Vol. 1
K67Graded Go Problems for Dan Players Vol. 7 (256 Opening and Middle Game Problems)
2010SLJF06The Meijin's Retirement Game (by John Fairbairn)
SLYZ14Master Play: The Playing Styles of 7 Top Pros (by Yuan Zhou)
SLAD01New Moves (by Alexander Dinerchtein)
OR100 Tips for Amateur Players, Vol. 3 (by Yoon Youngsun)
K77Attacking and Defending Moyos
2010-09-03OR32The Best Game Records of 2009
ZBFB21st Century Baduk for Beginners
ZTIHThis is Haengma
2010-07-11SL71Understanding Dan Level Play
SLJF059 Dan Showdown
2010-04-06SL70 Magic of the First Line
OR31Master of Haengma
ZCL2Creative Life & Death Vol. 2
2010-02-04K61Graded Go Problems for Dan Players Vol. 1 (300 Life-and-Death problems)
K62Graded Go Problems for Dan Players Vol. 2 (300 Tesuji Problems)
K63Graded Go Problems for Dan Players Vol. 3 (300 Joeski Problems)
2009-12-18SLJF04The Final Summit (by John Fairbairn)
SLYZ11How Not to Play Go
2009-12-10Y48Lectures on Go Techniques Vol. 2
2009-11-28SLJF03The Go Consultants (by John Fairbairn and T Mark Hall)
SLYZ09Master Play: The Territorial Styles of Kitani Minoru and Cho Chikun
ZIGMImagination of a Go Master
ZAJAfter Joseki (by Kim Sung-Rae)
2009-09-15SLYZ08Master Play: The Fighting Styles of Kato Masao and Seo Bong Soo
2009-07-27NM02Games of Go (by Neil Moffatt)
NM01Learn Go (by Neil Moffatt)
JASJoseki Vol. 1 Fundamentals (by Robert Jasiek)
2009-06-26Y47Magic of Placements
OR30Inspiration of Pro
Z016Speed Baduk Vol. 7-9 and Answers
ZLULevel Up Vol. 1-5 and Review 1
ZBM3Baduk Made Fun and Easy Vol. 3
ZCLDCreative Life and Death
2009-05-15H12Shuko: The Only Move, Vol. 2
2009-03-17SL62The Workshop Lectures Vol. 6
SLJF01The Go Companion
2008-12-03H08Zone Press Park
H09Breakthrough Attacking Power
2008-11-20H11Shuko: The Only Move, Vol. 1
2008-11-13SLYZ07Master Play: The Style of Takemiya
2008-10-01SLYZ06Master Play: The Style of Go Seigen
SL59The Workshop Lectures Vol. 5
SL60Mastering Ladders
2008-09-25Y4521st Century New Openings
Y46Dictionary of Basic Fuseki, Vol. 3
OR29100 Tips for Amateur Players, Vol. 2
Z014Speed Baduk for Beginners: Vols. 4-6 and Answers
ZBM2Baduk Made Fun and Easy, Vol. 2
ZEPTTop European Players Training
2008-09-22H10This is Go the Natural Way
2008-06-18H07The Way of Creating a Thick and Strong Game
2008-03-15H06Changing One's Conceptions
2008-02-16H05Otake's Secrets of Strategy
SL57The Workshop Lectures Vol. 4
2007-12-11SL56Master Play: The Style of Lee Changho
2007-11-22OR22100 Tips for Amateur Players, Vol. 1
2007-11-15H04Catching Scent of Victory
2007-10-30EGO3EuroGo 3 (History 1968-1988)
2007-10-03OR22Korean Style of Baduk: Vol. 1
OR23Contemporary Go Terms
ZBMFBaduk Made Fun and Easy, Vol. 1
2007-09-24K76All About Ko
2007-09-13SL55The Workshop Lectures Vol. 3
2007-07-29H03Perceiving the Direction of Play
SL54Key Concepts in Life and Death
2007-07-??H02Pure and Simple: Takao's Astute Use of Brute Force
SL52Dictionary of Basic Tesuji Vol. 4
2007-04-01K75The Basics of Go Strategy
2007-??-??Z021The Road to Shodan, Part 1
2007-01-15SL19Punishing and Correcting Joseki Mistakes
2006-12-18SL29The Workshop Lectures Vol. 2
2006-12-08H1Vital Points and Skilful Finesse for Sabaki
2006-10-16Z07Think Like a Pro, Vol. 2, Pae (Ko)
2006-10-04SL234-4 Point Joseki - a Brief Introduction
SL24Treasure Chest Enigma
SL25The Workshop Lectures Vol. 1
2006-09-14YGSGo Shapes Resolve
2006-08-27SL41Liping Huang's Problem Series: Vol. 1
2006-06-30SL51400 Years of Go in Japan
SL52Dictionary of Basic Tesuji, Vol. 4
2006-06-29Y41Weichi in Culture
Y42New Go Proverbs Illustrated
2005-05-03SL45All About Joseki
SL46Reflections on the Game of Go
2005-04-13Y38Whole Board Living Tesujis
2004-12-15Y36Even Game Joseki NK Handbook Vol. 5
Y36Step up to a Higher Level
Y38Dictionary of Basic Fuseki Vol. 1
SL43Mastering the Basics of Go
SL44 Dictionary of Basic Tesuji, Vol. 1
ZFP1The Way of Go

    Codes shown are the one from our shop which often match the publishers code:

  • Books published by Hinoki Press start H
  • Books published by Kiseido start K
  • Books published by Oromedia start O and some Z
  • Books published by Slate and Shell start SL (SLnn = our codes)
  • Books published by Yutopian start Y
  • Books published by Robert Jasiek are code JAS

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