European Youth Go Team Championship: 2014-2015

Tournament Name: 
European Youth Go Team Championship
Tournament Date: 
15 November 2014 - 31 January 2015

This is the report for the first EYGTC. Since then, the UK has fielded teams in each season. The UK had a national youth team in the first European Youth Go Team Championship, that for 2014 - 2015.

This was played online on KGS over five rounds on Saturday afternoons between November 2014 and February 2015. 13 country and regional teams took part.

We had a national youth squad of 12 players, under BGA UK Youth Squad Manager Alison Bexfield, from which we selected 5 players for each match, one of whom must be U20, two U16 and two U12. Well done to the 12 players who were selected and took part:

  • U20 Melchior Chui
  • U20 Thomas Meehan
  • U16 Hasan Nisar
  • U16 Dylan Zhu
  • U16 Charlotte Bexfield
  • U16 Roella Smith
  • U16 Kelda Smith
  • U16 Alex Terry
  • U12 Oscar Selby
  • U12 Edmund Smith
  • U12 Anthony Ghica
  • U12 Hilary Bexfield

Match 1 15th November - Romania - lost 1-4

U20 Alexandru Pitrop (alpi) (b) - (w) Melchior Chui (DrBird) 1-0 sgf
U16 Silvestru State (silvestru) (w) - (b) Hasan Nisar (Hasan12) 1-0 sgf
U16 Elian Grigoriu (elianovici) (b) - (w) Dylan Zhu (Chocolatte) 1-0 sgf
U12 Denis Dobranis (denis4) (w) - (b) Oscar Selby (oscar1099) 1-0 sgf
U12 Sebastian State (duraseb) (b) - (w) Edmund Smith (dnumde) 0-1 sgf

Match 2 29th November - Italy - won 4-1

U20 (b) Thomas Meehan (TomMeehan) - (w) Sofia Malatesta - (Sofiam) 0-1 sgf
U16 (w) Oscar Selby (oscar1099) - (b) Sara Parton (saigo) 1-0 (forfeit)
U16 (b) Alex Terry (zeldor) U16 (w) Matteo Barsanti (Matteo3343) 1-0 sgf
U12 (w) Edmund Smith (dnumde) - (b) Leonardo Tognetti (ASSASSINO) 1-0 sgf
U12 (b) Anthony Ghica (rider2k14) - (w) Tito Cisbani (serperior) 1-0 sgf

Match 3 13th December - Israel - lost 1-4

U20 (b) Thomas Meehan (TomMeehan) - (w) Tal Michaeli (tal313) 0-1 sgf
U16 (w) Dylan Zhu (Chocolatte) - (b) Alon Sumari (alonsumar) 0-1 sgf
U16 (b) Charlotte Bexfield (ibex) - (w) Mor Galut (mor) 1-0 sgf
U12 (w) Anthony Ghica (rider2k14) - (b) Jakov Galunov (Yasha2) 0-1 sgf
U12 (b) Hilary Bexfield (hbex) - (w) Vlad Prosto (Vlad10037) 0-1 sgf

Match 4 11th January - Czechia - lost 2-3

U20 (w) Thomas Meehan (TomMeehan) - (b) Adriana Tomsu (Kohana) 0-1 sgf
U16 (b) Oscar Selby (oscar1099) - (w) Tristan Defer (TristanD) 1-0 sgf
U16 (b) Roella Smith (alleor) - (w) Kamila Samajova (Kamila) 0-1 sgf
U12 (b) Edmund Smith (dnumde) - (w) Marta Hrbkova (marinka) 1-0 sgf
U12 (w) Anthony Ghica (rider2k14) - (b) Michal Hrbek (pes) 0-1 sgf

Match 5 31st January - Bye

A friendly match against Germany B was arranged for the day of the bye.

Final Results

  1. Russia
  2. Germany
  3. Romania

The UK team was 10th.

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