Youth Grand Prix 2017

Tournament Name: 
Youth Grand Prix
Tournament Date: 
1 January 2017 - 21 December 2017

These are the standings in the 2017 Youth Grand Prix, after the Bracknell and Bar-Low.

The top 3 players at the end of any current calendar year win cash prizes.

Edmund Smith5k Cambridge 580
Alexander Hsieh10k Cambridge 426
Roella Smith7k Cambridge 310
Lueming Yang20k Oxford 288
Yifeng Yang21k Oxford 196
Jack Nolan13k Cheadle Hulme 180
Megan Upton25k Cheadle Hulme 180
Lily Danson13k Cheadle Hulme 170
Lizzy Pollitt22k Cheadle Hulme 170
Amy Upton22k Cheadle Hulme 160
Daniel Gascoyne15k Cheadle Hulme 140
Matthew Jackson27k Cheadle Hulme 140
Tom Bradbury9k Cheadle Hulme 140
Zaki Betesh4k Cheadle Hulme 140
Cate Howe28k Cheadle Hulme 120
Hillary Bexfield19k Letchworth 110
Yize Gao33k Cambridge 104
Alfred Shu10k No Club 80
Anthony Ghica17k No Club 80
Jacob Haynes14k Cheadle Hulme 80
Jason Brown12k Cheadle Hulme 80
Miliani Fraser-Fletcher30k Cheadle Hulme 80
Oscar Selby6k Epsom 80
Theodor Calota17kNo Club80
David Baldwin24k Letchworth76
Sam Beck26k Cambridge76
Waylon Gao35k Cambridge76
Charlotte Bexfield6k Letchworth 70
Ellie Birtles-Clarke29k Cheadle Hulme 70
Karima Khan37k Meridian64
Moustafa Krakouz39k Cambridge64
Niel Baz30k Cambridge64
Yilon Gao40k Cambridge64
Zoe Walters36k Cambridge64
Amy Parker30k No Club 60
Josh Terry15k Bungay60
Annie Walters40k Cambridge52
Velko Trifonov40k Harpenden52
Andreas Ghica20k No Club 50
Rohan Neelala21k Manchester GS 40
Alex Terry7k Bungay40
Finlay Mutti40k No Club40
Ben Howe35k Cheadle Hulme 40
Elliott Worthington25k Cheadle Hulme 40

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