Junior Grading List

We have tried to list everyone under the age of 18, who has played in a tournament in the past year or two, with a grading of 30-kyu or stronger. Please let us know (via the webmaster - see bottom of page) if we have got any of your details wrong (name, rank or club), or you are not on the list but think you should be (or vice versa).

Kyu grading diplomas are available for schools and clubs to award to juniors. Here is the kyu diploma in Word format; alternatively you can order some from the Youth Development Officer.

Yueran Wang 2d Bloxham
Jinu Chang 2k Epsom
George Han 3k No Club
Edmund Smith 4k Impington
Elom Willson 4k Kent
Josh Gorman 4k Glasgow
Zaki Betesh 4k Cheadle Hulme
Tom Bradbury 5k Cheadle Hulme
Charlotte Bexfield 6k Letchworth
Oscar Selby 6k Epsom
Alex Terry 7k Bungay
Roella Smith 7k Cambridge
Hasan Nisar 8k Aston
Alexander Hsieh 9k Cambridge
Aidan Wong 10k Cambridge
Alfred Shu 10k Reading
Dylan Zhu-Dong 10k Leamington
Jason Brown 11k Cheadle Hulme
Malachi Willson 11k Kent
Jack Nolan 12k Cheadle Hulme
Lily Danson 13k Cheadle Hulme
Jacob Haynes 14k Cheadle Hulme
Josh Terry 15k Bungay
Daniel Gascoyne 16k Cheadle Hulme
Sam Shale 16k Aston
Wenzhou Mei 16k Milton
Anthony Ghica 17k Comberton
Jan Kudla 17k Edinburgh
Lueming Yang 17k Oxford
Mircea-Theodor Calota 17k No Club
Theodor Calota 17k None
Adam Powell 18k Cheadle Hulme
Megan Upton 18k Cheadle Hulme
Rohan Neelala 18k Manchester GS
Thasneem Halilur Rahman 18k Aston
Amy Upton 19k Cheadle Hulme
Jianzhou Mei 19k Cambridge
Kelda Smith 19k Cambridge
Lizzy Pollitt 19k Cheadle Hulme
Matthew Benton 19k Cheadle Hulme
Yusuf Ahmed Hussain 19k No Club
Andreas Ghica 20k No Club
Hilary Bexfield 20k Letchworth
Sayed Saaim Jafri 20k Aston
Yifeng Yang 20k Oxford
Zohaib Rehan 20k Aston
David Rosental 22k Cambridge
Hanna Kudla 22k Edinburgh
Piotr Blyszczyk 22k Cheadle Hulme
William Coles 22k Aston
Adam Wolowczyk 23k Cheadle Hulme
Alina Wolowczyk 23k Cheadle Hulme
William Poizer 23k Cheadle Hulme
David Baldwin 24k Letchworth
Alexander Hassabis 25k No Club
Elliott Worthington 25k Cheadle Hulme
Enya Ge 25k Wokingham
Katie James 25k Edinburgh
Daniel Atkinson 26k Cheadle Hulme
Moya Ge 26k Wokingham
Zichen He 26k Cambridge
Cate Howe 27k Cheadle Hulme
Matthew Jackson 27k Cheadle Hulme
Daniel Chen 28k Letchworth
Sam Beck 28k Cambridge
Akhirah Willson 30k Gillingham
Amy Parker 30k No Club
Immy Blackburn-Horgan30k Letchworth
James Sudaram 30k Aston
Miliani Fraser-Fletcher30k Cheadle Hulme
Neil Baz 30k Cambridge
Reece Moore 30k Cheadle Hulme
Sophie Ellis 30k Milton Keynes
Yunus Sheikh 30k Aston

List date 2017-10-01

Last updated Sat Oct 14 2017. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.