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09 Nov 2017: New Youth Go Newsletter

The first edition of a new monthly newsletter, Youth Go News, has been produced by the BGA and is available in the Junior section of the website as a PDF file. Please print or pass on electronically to any juniors who might not be on the BGA youth mailing list.

12 Nov 2017: UK Youth Team result against Germany

On Saturday 11th November 2017, the UK youth team played their opening match, against one of their hardest adversaries, Germany. We lost by 4 boards to 1. This was in the first round of the new season of the European Youth Go Team Championship 2017/18 (EYGTC). Please follow that link for names of the complete UK youth team squad.

  Post-match comments (see below for comments prior to the games): 


21 Nov 2017: Harpenden Win Trophy at Their First BYGC

The 2017 British Youth Go Championship (BYGC) returned to King Edward VI School in Aston, Birmingham, thanks to Andrew Russell and the support of the headmaster there. It attracted a big crowd of young players, in fact 46 competitors, aged from 7 to 18.

Thanks to a large number of oriental players currently living in the...