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01-Sep: Isle of Man Go Festival is Over

The Isle of Man Go Festival has ended for the last time. This edition was the 12th since the event started in 1991, but with the recent sad death of founder Leo Phillips it has been decided this will be the last.

Again the players assembled at the Cherry Orchard in Port Erin, including several families and players from as far away as Sweden and Japan. There were events daytime and evening on most days, including a music evening, and also the chance to explore the island in between. Players competed in the events for unique wooden trophies (...

01-Sep: Aja and Joanne Take Gold at MSO

The 19th MSO at the JW3 on Finchley Road in London was dominated in the Go events by Aja Huang and Joanne Leung (shown right playing Lucretiu Calota).

In the first Go event, the 9x9 on the Sunday morning, Joanne Leung won all four games to take the gold medal. Silver went to the event arbiter Tony Atkins and bronze and junior gold went to Edmund Smith. Results

In the second event, the 13x13 on the Sunday afternoon, Aja Huang won the gold, pushing Joanne back to Silver. London teenager Kapriel Chiarini took the bronze...

19-Aug: BGJ 172 now available

The Summer 2015 edition of the British Go Journal, number 172, is now available in the members' area as a PDF and should be soon arriving in the post with members (except for electronic only members).

16-Aug: Calota wins at Arundel

After a year's gap because of the British Go Congress and European Youth at nearby Bognor, the Arundel Tournament was back. This time 24 players met up to play, again at the football club.

The winner was Lucretiu Calota (4d Romania) who beat Jon Diamond (3d) in the final round. Also winning all three games were Peter Collins (4k Bristol) and Charlotte Bexfield (10k Letchworth).

The 9x9 side event was won by Edmund Smith (on 4/4) and second was Charlotte Bexfield (on 2/5).


11-Aug: Karl Irwin wins Belfast

Karl Irwin was victorious in the recent twelve-player Belfast tournament with a perfect 5/5. He has been teaching Maths in China, and presumably also studying Go as he entered at 4d.

James Hutchinson (1d) was second, his seventh year in a row to make the top three without winning. In third place was visiting Louise Roullier (5k) from France. Jose Morales, 24k Belfast, won 4/5 handicap games.


10-Aug: European Go Congress Over

The European Go Congress in Liberec, Czechia, ended on Saturday 8th August. It was one of the biggest ever with 762 players in the European Open. Wang Zheming, 8d China, was unbeaten after 10 rounds to be European Open Champion.

The best 24 European players competed for the European Championship. In the semi-finals Ali Jabarin beat Ilja Shikshin and Fan Hui beat Thomas Debarre. Fan Hui beat Ali Jabarin by resignation in the final to retain the title.

Kim Young-Sam, 7d Korea, won the Weekend Tournament and Chan Yi-Tien, 7d Taiwan, won the Rapid by tie-break from Wang Zheming, 8d China.

There were the usual selection of side events, including Pair Go and a veterans tournament.

The top game-winner of the...

29-Jul: Leo Phillips

Leo sadly passed away peacefully yesterday, 28th July, with her husband David by her side.

As she would have wanted, the Isle of Man Go Festival will go ahead as planned as a commemoration of all the work that she did to make it such a success over the last 24 years.

Celia Marshall

29-Jul: European Go Congress Gets Under Way

The European Go Congress is under way in Liberec in the Czech Rebublic.

The event got underway with the finals of the Pandanet Go European Teams. This was won by France on league-position tie-break from Ukraine. The home team and Romania took the other two places.

The European Championship and Open Championship are under way - news reports can be seen via the Congress Website.

On the evening of the 28th July, the EGF AGM was held. Toby Manning was the UK representative. It was possible to watch the meeting, whilst the various issues were discussed, via streaming from the Congress website.

04-Jul: Brian Timmins

We are very sorry to report the death of Brian Timmins. The day after attending the Barmouth tournament he went into hospital for a scheduled operation, which although successful led to other problems and he died on 2nd July.

Not only was Brian a regular tournament attendee with his wife Kathleen, both here and in the European Congress, but he put in a very large amount of effort supporting British Go for which he was awarded Life Membership. Brian was already the membership secretary in 1988 when he stepped up to take on the editorship of the BGJ and as the...

27-Jun: Alistair Wall wins again at MK

35 players gathered in the sunny Open University Sports Pavilion for the 27th Milton Keynes Go Tournament. The main tournament was another win for Alistair Wall (2d Wanstead). Second place went to Nyoshi (Ngoc-Trang Cao 2d), who beat the tournament organiser (Tim Hunt 2d) by half a point in a hard-fought game in round 2, but, as previously announced, she had to leave a round early. The excuse was quite good. She and her friend Jitka Bartova wanted to get back to Leamington to hear Matthew Macfadyen and Kirsty Healey singing in a concert.

Also on 3 wins were another organiser Ben Ellis (3k), Andrew Russell (4k Birmingham), Edwina Lee (6k Maidenhead) and Joey Capper (10k)



26-Jun: Ngoc-Trang Cao wins the Welsh Open

The 23rd Welsh Open was held at the Min-Y-Mor Hotel in Barmouth again, but organised by Martin and Helen Harvey this year, having been staged for many preceding years by stalwarts Tony and Sue Pitchford and helpers. Over the two days, 26 players took part, with the bar at 1 kyu. Encouragingly, all but two players chose to play in the extra (6th) round. This year the playing areas were in two very nice rooms within the hotel (Bistro Room & Family Room) - a change which, whilst forced, was well received.

The weather was overcast most of Saturday, but...

26-Jun: London Clubs Return Home

Both the London City Go Club and the Central London Go Club have returned this week to their normal pub venue after the pub's refurbishment.

However the Melton Mowbray is now known as the Inn of Court.

For those who do not know it is located at 18 Holborn near to Chancery Lane tube station. Details on the pub website.

City club meets Friday evenings and Central London on Saturday afternoons.

23-Jun: Chi-Min Oh Leaves After Durham Tournament Teaching

Durham Go Tournament 2015 started with a fascinating two hour teaching event on the Friday night from Chi-Min Oh (7d), who talked for an hour about trick plays and then logged into KGS to analyse and review some people's games at random while they were playing them - demonstrating in some cases that it's not just kyu players who make silly mistakes! It was especially good of Chi-Min to run this, as it was his last day in Durham before travelling back to Korea.

The tournament itself had 29 entrants, ranging in strength from 3d to 22k, and was held again in the...

10-Jun: World Amateur Results

The 36th WAGC took place in the Montien Riverside Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Unbeaten winner was Kim Changhun of Korea. China's Hu Aohua was second and twelve-year-old Lai Jyun-Fu of Chinese Taipei was third.

The UK’s player Des Cann lost to France, Malaysia and Sweden. He won his fourth game against Spain, but then lost to Finland and Cyprus. He beat New Zealand in round 7, before losing to Norway in round 8.

James Hutchinson, representing Ireland, beat Azerbaijan and Belarus, before losses to Switzerland and Cyprus. He then beat Portugal and Costa Rica, before losing to Mongolia and Lithuania.


06-Jun: Pair Go Silver Jubilee

The silver jubilee edition of the British Pair Go Championships was held, like last year, at the Red Lion in Hatfield. In order to make the top group up to eight, a non-qualifying pair was added as ghosts, but then another all male pair had to be added as further ghosts as one pair failed to arrive. This did not affect the results as the winners, like last year, were Natasha Regan and Matthew Cocke. The next three places were the same pairs as last too (but slightly different order) and the Fighting Spirit Prize was won this time by Anna...

04-Jun: UK Unbeaten at end of Season

The UK team remained unbeaten at the end of the 2014-2015 season to end top of the European C-League. They ended on 20 match points after 9 wins and 2 draws, and had won 33 out of 44 games.

The UK's last match was against Kazakhstan and all games were won by resignation. It looked for a while like the match was to be played early on the Sunday, but in the end only Tim Hunt's game was, the others (Andrew Simons, Sandy Taylor and Toby Manning) playing their games on the normal Tuesday evening.

In the battle for second place, both South Africa and Bulgaria killed the hopes of Croatia and Lithuania by winning their matches against Portugal and Cyprus respectively, both by four games to nil. This meant South Africa would be...

20-May: Neil Stein

Bob Hitchens reports:

I heard at the weekend of the death of Neil Stein.

I realise that members probably do not know Neil, but some players who were around in the 1960s will.

He was a founder member of the BGA and helped create the BGA’s first bank balance of any size when he recognised the possibility of compensation from University College London for cancelling our booking for the first European Congress to be held in Britain. That opened up a lot of possibilities for the BGA.

When I came on the scene he...

05-May: Another German Winner for Bar-Low

Following on from Chris Volk winning it last year, the winner this year was German 3 kyu Tobias Ungerer from Cambridge University, who won 4 out of 5 games. His only loss was to Bogdan Ghica who came second on tie break from Richard Mullens and James Murray.

The tournament was generously sponsored by an anonymous benefactor who wishes to support the Bar-Low as a great way to encourage and benefit developing players and so the winner went home with a prize of £30. The second biggest prize was awarded to young Alex Terry (10k), who also won 4. Bob Dryden had estimated his grade at 10k, but won all his games and generously declined a cash prize. 7 other players won cash prizes, and everyone took home some chocolate.