Cho U’s 4 by 4 Go Puzzles released in English

It is our great pleasure to inform you that we, The Nihon Kiin, will release the English and Chinese version of ‘Cho U’s 4 by 4 Go Puzzle’ (developed by Zoo Corporation) on iPad and iPhone from 5th October 2012.  

This app is based on the 4 by 4 puzzle which has been come up with the idea by Cho U Kisei and Oza who is the best go player in Japan. This puzzle is the 4 by 4 tsumego game, an intellectual game which can be enjoyed by from complete beginners to high dan players. Kids can also learn how to play a game of go on its ‘Story Mode’ that features pretty characters.

Introductory special offer!

You can download the app at only US$ 0.99 (the regular price: US$ 2.99) for only two weeks from 5th October 2012. Please note that the introductory special offer starts from 5th October 2012, Japan time.

For English version: For Chinese version:

[English Product Name]: Cho U’s 4 by 4 Go Puzzle

[Target]: From complete beginners to high dan players

[About Cho U]

Born 20 January 1980, Taipei City, Taiwan. Pupil of Rin Kaiho, Honorary Tengen. Husband of Kobayashi Izumi, 6 dan professional.

He became an Insei student in 1990. became professional 1 dan in 1994 and reached 9 dan in 2003 won the 49th NHK title in 2002. continues to win various titles including the Kisei. since 2002 won the 34th Kisei title in 2010 and became the second player to achieve a grand slam (won all of the seven main titles). He is the author of the go book "Cho U's Specially Selected Tsumego" published by the Nihon Ki-in.

His go puzzles "4 by 4 Go" are popular among people from various fields as a new approach to mind games.

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