Oxford win match against Cambridge

Oxford vs Cambridge Go Match
19 February 2012

Since the 1960s Oxford has not done very well in its Go matches against Cambridge. Even by normal standards, 2011 was a particularly bad year -- Oxford lost 6-0. However, in the run-up to this year's match, Oxford's spirits were high. Their line-up included a 5 dan undergraduate, and a 4 dan chef, from China, as well as a 4 dan visiting professor from Korea. To combat this, Cambridge's team included one visiting Chinese 4 dan. On paper, therefore, Oxford were the clear favourites.

Victory did not come easy, however. The first round saw a game between an Oxford 2 dan (name withheld, to protect the guilty) and Sam Rodrigues (3 kyu) from Cambridge. It was a game of two ladders -- one was in the mind of the Oxford 2 dan, and the other was on the all-too-real Go board. After they had played 15 moves each in the ladder, it became apparent, even to the 2 dan, that Sam's mind had also contained the correct image of the real world. Afterwards, Andrew Simons (Cambridge) generously offered the one word comment "Kageyama" -- a reference to pages 12-22, and passim, in Kageyama's brilliant book "Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go", which the hapless 2-dan had carefully re-read only two months earlier! After Round One, the result was 4-4. Luckily for them, in the next round Oxford got 4-3, so winning the Match 8-7.

After the Match Alex Eve donated, in perpetuity, a virtual "Rotten Ladder" as a prize, apparently for the winners. This will be held by Oxford, unless, and until, it is wrested from them by Cambridge -- presumably next year.

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