2/2 in European Teams

European Team Championship
Pandanet IGS
22 October 2013

After a successful start to the season last month against Greece, our UK team played Switzerland in round 2 of the European Team Championship on Tuesday.

Switzerland are one of the toughest teams in our league, but our strongest players stepped up and we managed to secure a great 3-1 victory, including a half-point win by Des Cann on board 2. Board 1 had fast-paced excitement with both Andrew and John at one point each having around 20 stones to play in 30 seconds of byo-yomi in a marathon game finishing not long before midnight.

The game records are linked below.

Board 1: Andrew Simons (white, Uberdude, 4d) vs John Walch (Ectoplasm, 3d) - W+20.5 - sgf

Board 2: Des Cann (black, Shuko, 3d) vs Félicien Mazille (dragonrojo, 2d) - B+0.5 - sgf

Board 3: Alex Kent (white, saraneth, 3d) vs Sébastien Ott (SSo, 7k) - W+R - sgf

Board 4: Sandy Taylor (black, afar, 2d) vs Ivan Baeriswyl (bbaga, 1d) - W+R - sgf

Congratulations to the team - match 3 will be at 8pm UK time on Tuesday 12th November against Iceland. Please do feel free to come and support the team if you are around - we play in the EuroTeamChamps room on Pandanet IGS.

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