3-in-a-row in European Teams

European Team Championship
Pandanet IGS
12 November 2013

We're up to three wins out of three now in the European Team Championship. This month our match was against Iceland.

All of the matches were comfortable wins this time, giving us a good 4-0 scoreline to put us top of our division once more. On board 1, Andrew Simons made things a little edgy towards the end but was ahead by so much that a win was still assured. Meanwhile on board 4, while the other games still had only around 10-20 moves played, Henry Manners and his opponent went off to the pub having played the entire game (1 hour each + 25 stones in 10 minutes Canadian byo-yomi) each using around 10 minutes! Who needs to think to win by almost 100 anyway... :)

The game records are linked below:

Board 1: Andrew Simons (black, Uberdude, 4d) vs Hallbjorn Gudmundsson (kvasir, 1d) - B+7.5 - sgf

Board 2: Des Cann (white, Shuko, 3d) vs Ólafur Sigurðarson (Nooooooo, 1d) - W+38.5 - sgf

Board 3: Paul Taylor (black, wicket, 2d) vs Þórbergur Ólafsson (tobbi, 6k) - B+R - sgf

Board 4: Henry Manners (white, Henry1987, 1d) vs Garpur Dagsson (Garpur, 11k) - W+90.5 - sgf

Congratulations once again to the team. The 4th match is on Tuesday 3rd December against Turkey. This is the 'big one' - Turkey are the only other team who have won all of their games. If we win this one, we should be able to win our whole division and get promotion! They are a tough team, so fingers crossed that we will play well. The match is at 7pm UK time and will be played in the EuropeanTeamChamps room on Pandanet IGS. Please do come and support the team if you're around - we got a fair few supporters for the Iceland match which was pretty cool!

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