UK Results: 2001

London Open 28/12/01-31/12/01

107 names appeared on the result list for the London Open. This year it was at new location of International Student House near Regents Park. It was part of the European Toyota Go Tour again. Winner with 7/8 was Gbor Szabics (5 dan Hungary), his only loss was to Matthew Cocke. Second with 6/8 was Pal Sannes (4 dan Norway) on SOS from Seong-June Kim (6dan London). Next with 5/8 were Taiko Nakamura (5 dan Epsom), Matthew Cocke (5 dan Norwich), Young Kim (5 dan London), and Jens Vygen (4 dan Germany). Winning 7/8 was Stephen Streater (14 kyu Epsom). Winning 6/8 were Wolfgang Behncke (1 dan Germany), Arnaud Knippel (1 dan France), Mike Cockburn (1 kyu St Albans), Fabien Letouzey (5 kyu France), Jil Segerman (8 kyu Manchester), Patrick Donovan (10 kyu Eastbourne) and Lasse Jakobsen (14 kyu Denmark). All on 5/8 got a certificate. Other winners got wooden go stones. 9x9 winner was Roger Daniel with 22/28. Lightning winner was Filip van der Stappen (5 dan Netherlands). Second was Seong-June Kim (6 dan). Third equal were Mogens and Lasse and Jakobesen (father and son from Denmark).

West Surrey Handicap 02/12/01

Malcolm Hagan (5 kyu) was the winner, being best of the 41 players. There was also a 13x13 side competition and a Meaning of Liff word puzzle won by Epsom Club.

Three Peaks 10/11/01-11/11/01

A record 58 players took part in the ninth Three Peaks Tournament. Tim Hunt (2 dan Open University) won the tournament with 4/5. Runner up was Alastair Wall (4 dan Wanstead) with 3/4 and a bye in the first round. Also with 4 wins were Mark Collinson (1 kyu Hull), Mike Cumpstey (2 kyu Manchester), Martin Harvey (4 kyu Manchester), Ron Bell (4 kyu Reading), Michael Pickles (8 kyu York) and Stephen Streater (15 kyu Epsom).

Wessex 28/10/01

82 players attended the Wessex at Marlborough. Division winners were:
Winner T Mark Hall (4 dan Bristol) 4/4
Div 2: Simon Goss (2 dan Bracknell) 3/4
Div 3: Michael (1 dan Bath) 3/4
Div 4: Jimmy Mao (1 kyu Bristol) 4/4
Div 5: Sue Paterson (2 kyu Brighton) 4/4
Div 6: Matthew Selby (3 kyu Epsom Downs) 4/4
Div 7: Philip Ward-Ackland (6 kyu Barmouth) 4/4
Div 8: Neil Moffatt (7 kyu Cardiff) 4/4
Div 9: Kevin Towell (10 kyu Cheltenham) 4/4
Div 10: Paul Blockley (20 kyu Worcester) 3/4
Fred Guyatt Trophy (for 13x13) was won by Paul Blockley. Team prize was a tie between HP Bristol, Bristol, and Winchester, all with 11/16, so the prize went to Winchester.

National Small Board 14/10/01

The Small Board was held at Milton near Cambridge. It attracted 17 players from 4 dan to 31 kyu. Champion was John Rickard (4 dan Cambridge) with 7/9. Equal second were Mike Charles and Simon Goss (both 2 dan). Prize winners (including handicap games) were Shawn Hearn (8 kyu Brakenhale), Paul Blockley (20 kyu Worcester) with 7.5, Joe Walker (6 kyu Cambridge) and Paul Margetts (1 dan Epsom) with 5.5.

In the youth beginners event alongside the winners were: 1 Richard Vanneck 7 wins, 2 Zach Roney 5.5 wins, 3 Venice van Someren 4 wins. Puzzle contest wiiner with 11 correct was Harry Marsh (8 years). All 4 are from King's School Cambridge.

Wanstead 06/10/01

53 players took part at Wanstead House. Winner was Seong-June Kim (6 dan London), second was Dave Ward (4 dan Cambridge) and third T Mark Hall (4 dan London). On 4/4 was Erwin Bonsma (9 kyu Ipswich). On 3/4 were Mike Charles (2 dan St Albans), Alan Thornton (2 dan St Albans), Weed (1 dan Billericay), Brian Brunswick (1 kyu Epsom), Niall Cardin (1 Kyu Oxford), James Aspden (1 kyu Wanstead), Claudio Bartolini (12 kyu Bristol), Paul William Smith (14 kyu Hastings).

Cornwall Tournament 30/09/01

The Cornish Open was held at the Yacht in Penzance with 22 players.
1st was listair Wall (4 dan Wanstead), with 3/3 Tim Varley (12 kyu West Cornwall), and with 2.5/3 was Jake Finnis (17 kyu West Cornwall).

Cornwall Lightning Handicap 29/09/01

The Cornish Lightning Handicap was held at the Yacht in Penzance with 16 players. Winner was Roger Daniel (2 kyu London) 4/5. 2nd was Eddie Smithers (1 dan Leicester) 4/5, 3rd equal were Toby Manning (3 dan Leamington) and Tig Deal (14 kyu West Cornwall) on 3.5/5.

Milton Keynes 16/09/01

Held as usual at the Open University, Milton Keynes got 63 players. First was Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington), second Francis Roads (4 dan Wanstead) and third Bill Brakes (3 dan Open University). With 3/3 were Natasha Regan (1 kyu Epsom), Helen Harvey (1 kyu Manchester), Ed Blockley (2 kyu Worcester), Matthew Selby (3 kyu Epsom), Richard Mullens (5 kyu St. Albans). The side event on the map of Milton Keynes had winners Alison Bexfield and Matthew Macfadyen.

Northern, Manchester 01/09/01-02/09/01

55 players attended the Northern. T.Mark Hall (4 dan) was the winner with 5 wins and a jigo (draw). Second was Huddersfield's Min Yang (4 dan) with 5 and third was Piers Shepperson (5 dan) with 4.5. Next placed on 4 wins were David Ward (4 dan Cambridge), Ruud Stoelman (2 dan Bradford), Andrew Morris (1 kyu Lancaster) and Mike Cockburn (1 kyu St Albans). On 5/6 was Steve Bailey (3 kyu West Surrey) and 6/6 was Philip Ackland-Ward (8 kyu Barmouth). Martin Cook (10 kyu York) was the best double figure kyu with 4 wins.

Mind Sports Olympiad

Go medal winners in the 5th London Mind Sports Olympiad were as follows:

MainMatthew MacfadyenSeong-June KimAlex Selby(28)
LightningSeong-June KimPiers SheppersonFrancis Roads(17)
YouthShawn HearnAdam Eckersley-WaitesTom Eckersley-Waites(4)
13x13Masashi SugiyamaFrancis RoadsSeong-June Kim(8)
RapidSeong-June KimAlex SelbyFrancis Roads(14)
Pair GoSylvia Kalisch & Seong-June KimJackie Chai & Francis RoadsNatasha Regan & Alex Selby(7 pairs)
Beginners (no medal event)Bruce Birchall, Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell, Charles Kerr

Go players also won in other games, e.g. Matthew Selby Bronze in the Decamentathalon.

European Go Congress 21/07/01-04/08/01

The 45th European Go Congress was run jointly by the Irish Go Association and the British Go Association at the Teacher's Club in Parnell Square, Dublin. 16 professionals and around 400 players enjoyed up to two weeks of go. The record number of 132 boards was ten percent over the UK record set in Canterbury in 1992. 325 players from 26 countries took part in the main event.

European Champion is Andrei Kulkov (5 dan from Russia). Second was Kiyoshi Fujita (6 dan Japan) and third Christoph Gerlach (6 dan Germany) and fourth Emil Nijhuis (5 dan Netherlands). Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan) was fifth and Dan Gilder (2 dan) also won 7/10. Matthew Cocke was fourth and Macfadyen fifth in the Weekend Tournament, won by Ishida Kazuma (6 dan Japan). Tony Atkins won the Joker Go. Irish Rapid winner was Cornel Burzo (5 dan Romania) and Irish Handicap winner was Yoshiyuki Uemura (3 dan Japan).

Scottish Open 07/07/01-08/07/01

Held at Pollock Halls in Edinburgh was a three-way tie (on 4 wins out of five) between John Rickard (4 dan Cambridge), Quentin Mills (3 dan Wanstead) and Dan Micsa (2 dan Reading). Quentin was declared the winner because his opponents had won more games, and he thus retained the Scottish Open title for a second year. Dan was second and John was third. Of the kyu players, Jim Taylor (3 kyu), Roger Daniel (3 kyu London) and Gordon Reid (8 kyu) also scored 4 out of 5. Jim was adjudged the best kyu player by SOS tiebreak. John Rickard won the subsequent 10-player Lightning Tournament with a perfect 3.

Welsh Open 23/06/01-24/06/01

43 players enjoyed the Barmouth sunshine for the Welsh Open, though there were 45 entries on the list as two fitted in extra games. Matthew Macfadyen continued his dominance of the event with a straight five wins. Second on 4/5 was David Ward (3 dan Cambridge) ahead of Francis Roads (4 dan Wanstead), Bob Bagot (2 dan Devon) and Alistair Wall (4 dan Wanstead). Tom Widdicombe (3 kyu Devon) was the only other player unbeaten. Peter Fisher (4 kyu Leicester), Ron Bell (4 kyu Reading), Shawn Hearn (9 kyu Berks Youth) and Mogens Jakobsen (10 kyu Epsom) all won 4/5.

Orient-West Match 17/06/01

The last Anglo-Japanese match to be held at the Daiwa attracted a total of 16 players. We should call this the "Oriental" versus "Western" match as we had a mixture of Korean, Chinese and Japanese players, with some westerners loaned to the Oriental team. There were 4 rounds, with results per round being: Oriental 6 5 4 3, Western 1 2 4 5. So the Oriental team won 18 to 12. Only Xiang Dong Wang achieved 4/4. Players on 3/4 were Kiyohiko Tanaka, Michael Zhang, Alex Rix, and Bill Streeten who floated between the Oriental and the Western teams.

Leicester 09/06/01

45 players entered Leicester. Overall winner was Simon Shiu (4 dan Bristol) with 2/3 wins and a SOS of 11. The joint second placed players with 2/3 and SOS of 10 were Young Kim (5 dan London) and David Ward (3 dan Cambridge). Winners with 3/3 were Gerry Mills (1 dan Monmouth), Phil Beck (1 kyu Cambridge), Frank Englemann (16 kyu IGS player from Germany) and Paul Blockley (22 kyu Worcester). The team prize went to Epsom with 50 percent. The 13x13 Continuous maximum wins prize went to Lasse Jakobsen (15 kyu Epsom Downs) and the joint prize for maximum games played went to Frank Englemann and Claudio Bartolini (16kyu Bristol).

British Pair Go 04/06/01

The Pair Go Championships was held like last year at the Foxcombe Lodge Hotel at Boars Hill near Oxford. Winners of the championship group were Kirsty Healey / Matthew Macfadyen. They beat Natasha Regan / Matthew Cocke in the final. Also on 2/3 were Sue Paterson / Granville Wright and Helen / Martin Harvey. The Handicap Group winners were Nicola Hurden / Shawn Hearn. Prizes for 2/3 went to Lene / Mogens Jakobsen and youth winners Melissa Hearn / Lasse Jakobsen. Emma Marchant / Simon Goss were the best dressed pair.

Bracknell 12/05/01

Only 45 people got to play the Bracknell on 12th May this year, held confusingly like the last two years in Wokingham. The rumour was that this was caused by Toby Manning choosing the same day to get married.

Young Kim (5 dan London) won for a second time. Also winning 3/3 were London's Roger Daniel (3 kyu), local girl Nicola Hurden (11 kyu Berks Youth) and young Lasse Jakobsen (18 kyu Epsom). Lasse also won a tie-breaker to win the Continuous 13x13 prize. The paper folding / Go problems set by Ian Marsh was won by Brian Brunswick (1 kyu Epsom), who managed a neater solution than Steve Bailey; junior winner was Ian McAnally.

Challenger's League 04/05/01-07/05/01

The new Challenger to Matthew Macfadyen's title will be Young Kim (5 dan London) who won 6/7. Second was Des Cann and third Matthew Cocke (both 5/7). Fourth was David Ward and fifth Charles Matthews (4/7), sixth was Quentin Mills (2/7) and seventh Tim Hunt and T.Mark Hall.

Bar-Low (Cambridge) 06/05/01

Over 100 people took part in the Cambridge MSO, which included the Bar-Low and British Shogi Championships. Seong-June Kim won 3/3 at 4 kyu in the latter. William Brooks got a prize for best result in several events. 28 players took part in the Bar-Low. Winner was Mike Cockburn (1 kyu St Albans) on 5/5. Second were Natasha Regan (1 kyu London) and Rob Jack (3 kyu London) on 3½/5. Prizes for 4/5 went to Lene Jakobsen (22 kyu Epsom) and Lasse Jakobsen (19 kyu Epsom).

London International Teams 29/04/01

Seven teams of six players took part. Winners on 19 were Reading. Second CLGC 17, third equal Korea and Samkox 16, Cambridge 13, Wanstead 13, Nippon Club 11. Players on 4/5 were Dan Micsa (2 dan), Alex Rix (4 dan), John Fairbairn (3 dan), Seong-June Kim (6 dan), Jaehyun Yen (4 dan), Xiang Dong Wang (4 dan, who beat Seong-June Kim), Mike Charles (2 dan) and Henry Segerman (1 dan).

British Go Congress 20/04/01-22/04/01

73 players took part in the British go Congress at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

40 players took part in British Lightning. In the fifth round final Matthew Macfadyen beat Simon Goss. In the extra play-off Matthew beat Michael Charles who had also scored 5/5. Also on 4/5 were Phil Beck, Simon Shiu, Jim Clare and Francis Roads.

Matthew also won the Open with an unbeaten 6/6. Second prize went to T.Mark Hall (4 dan) for 5/6, third Des Cann (4 dan) for 4/6, fourth was Dan Micsa (2 dan Reading) with 4½/6. Roger Daniels (3 kyu London) was the outstanding kyu player with 5/6; the same score was achieved by Bill Streeten (4 kyu Wanstead) and Ian McAnally (10 kyu Manchester).

The Nippon Club Cup went to the Wanstead team. Winners of the various non-go side events were Bill Streeten, Pauline Bailey and Barry Chandler. Terry Stacey GP was won by Francis Roads (ahead of John Rickard and Seong-June Kim). The Weak Knee Dan trophy was won by Alan Thornton.

Thames Valley Team Tournament 16/04/01

8 teams from the tideless Thames Valley took part at St Paul's, Bracknell. Winners were Royal Standard (Beaconsfield) beating Bracknell in the final. Second was Reading, 3 High Wycombe, 4 Berks Boys, 5 Bracknell. Players on 3/3 were Clive Hendrie, Paul Clarke, Shawn Hearn and Tony Atkins. On the 10x10 board Continuous winners were Tony Atkins with 9/14, Shawn Hearn with 6/9 and Theo Elliott with 4/5.

Coventry (Tile Hill) 08/04/01

Matthew Macfadyen went back to his winning ways to win his own tournament again. He was also part of the winning Leamington Beards team, who squeezed fellow beards by 3% with 67. Best of the other 76 players were Eddie Smithers (1 dan, Leicester), Ivan Watling (10 kyu Bradford), Pauline Bailey (14 kyu West Surrey), Lasse Jakobsen (21 kyu Epsom Downs) and Oscar John (30 kyu Cambridge) all with 3/3, and Niall Cardin (2 kyu Oxford Uni) with 2½. Nicola Hurden won the 13x13.

Irish Open, Dublin 31/03/01-01/04/01

The 12th Irish Open was attended by 16 players. Winner for the second time was Gerry Mills, 1 dan Wales. He won 4/5 and had a better SOS tie-break than Noel Mitchell (2 dan Ireland) who was 2nd. Third was Alistair Wall (4 dan England), one of Gerry's victims, and Tony Atkins (2 dan England), who was the only player to beat Gerry.

Candidates' Tournament 17/03/01-18/03/01

18 players of those qualified took part in the first stage of the 2001 British Championship, at the Daiwa Foundation in London. Unbeaten winner was T.Mark Hall (4 dan); also qualifying on 3/4 were Quentin Mills (3 dan), David Ward (3 dan), Tim Hunt (2 dan) and Charles Matthews (3 dan). John Rickard (4 dan) also scored 3/4 to be first reserve.

Cambridge Trigantius 04/03/01

The 77-player 25th Trigantius was not won by Seong-June Kim as he lost in the last round to winner Des Cann (4 dan Leamington). Prizes went to Mike Charles (2 dan St Albans), Matthew Selby (4 kyu Epsom), Erwin Bonsma (10 kyu Ipswich) for 3/3 and to Andrew Spray (9 kyu Cambridge) for 2.5/3. Best kyu player prize was shared by Phil Beck (Cambridge) and Mike Cockburn (St Albans). William Brooks won the continuous 13x13. Best Team was Epsom Downs.

8 players took part in the Beginners' Tournament. Best Junior was Matthew Burstein (28 kyu Cambridge) and best adult was Paul Taylor (22 kyu Cambridge).

Oxford 17/02/01

90 players took part in Oxford at St Edmund Hall. Winner was Seong-June Kim (6 dan) with 3/3. Also on 3/3 and receiving book prizes were: Tony Atkins (2 dan Bracknell), Dave Artus (1 dan London), Phil Beck (1 kyu Cambridge), Wenbo Mao (1 kyu Bristol), Tom Cooper (8 kyu Worcester), Mogens Jakobsen (14 kyu Epsom) and Chris Pooley (18 kyu Oxford).

Cheshire 10/02/01

25 players from 23 kyu upwards attended the 4th Cheshire held alongside the Crewe Chess Championships. Winner of the 8-player Open section was Kunio Kashiwagi (1 dan Bradford) with 3/3. Second was Eddie Smithers (1 dan Leicester). Handicap section winner by 1½ SOS points was Richard Moulds (2 kyu Manchester) with 5/6. Second and Youth prize winner was Ian McAnally (11 kyu Manchester) also with five wins. Young Paul Blockley (23 kyu Worcester) won the 10x10 prize.

Nippon Club Monthly 28/01/01

Fourteen players from 6 dan to 20 kyu participated in the first Nippon Club Monthly Tournament of 2001. Games were 30 minutes with even games, but komi to the weaker player and a double knockout system. The higher ranking players prevailed despite the komi. Uno lost his first game to S-J Kim, but won next 6 to reach the final with David Ward who only played 5 games but won all of them. Kim lost his second game against Tanaka. Jiri Keller ended up third although he was ranked the third from the bottom. Final Result 1. David Ward (5/5), 2. Uno Shigehiko (6/8), 3. Jiri Keller (3/5), 4. Tanaka Kiyohiko (3/5).

The second Nippon Monthly was on 25/02/01. Three players scored 3/4: Kimura Kazutoshi, Suzuki Akihiro and David Ward. Fourth was Tanaka Kiyohiko.

British Youth 21/01/01

22 children took part at Fitzharries School, Abingdon. Overall and under-16 winner was Jimmy Mao (1 kyu Bristol). All the other age group winners were from Cambridge: Under-18 Ben Morris (10 kyu), Under-14 Tom Eckersley-Waites (11 kyu), Under-12 William Brooks (8 kyu), Under-10 Oscar John, Under-8 Ben Parker. Overall runner up was Tom Eckersley-Waites, Under-18 Peter Fisher (20 kyu Fitzharries), Under-16 Shawn Hearn and Under-14 Gary White (both Berks Youth), under-12 Lasse Jakobsen (Croydon) and under-10 Luise Wolf (Putney). Bloxham won the Castledine Trophy as the best school. In the 13x13 most wins were by William and best percentage by Gary. In the puzzle contest Alice White of Longwell scored 9/18 to win, being still below 30 kyu. A prize for 5 wins went to Oscar John, and for 4 to Lasse, Grry, Jimmy, Tom, Ian McAnally (11 kyu Manchester), Simon Parker (35 kyu Cambridge) and Paul Blockley (23 kyu Worcester). Prizes for 3/5 went to Ben Hill-Tout and Matthew Burstein of Cambridge.

Furze Platt 20/01/01

80 players took part at Hitachi's headquarters in Maidenhead. Seong-June Kim (6 dan Oxford) was the winner for the second year. On 3/3 were Tim Hunt (2 dan Milton Keynes), Kevin Drake (1 kyu Bournemouth), David Denholm (6 kyu Maidenhead), Dave Arun (10 kyu Unattached), Phil Clark (12 kyu Reading) and Mogens Jakobsen (15 kyu Epsom Downs). On 2½ were Malcolm Hagan (5 kyu Winchester) and Paul Kersey (5 kyu Unattached). Thanks to the sponsor, all on 2/3 won a bottle of wine. The Mighty Milton Keynes won the team prize and Nicola Hurden (Berkshire Youth) won the 13x13.


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