UK Results: 1994

1994 results

Hitachi 21st London Open 30/12/94-02/01/95

129 players from 13 countries attended this year's London open at the Highbury Roundhouse. Over a third of these were from overseas - A, B, DK, F, D, I, IRE, JAP, KOR, NL, SLO, USA. The tournament was very successful thanks to the hard work of organiser Harold Lee and the generous sponsorship from Hitachi. The Managing Director of Hitachi Leasing Europe Ltd, Dr. Motoki Shirasuka, was pleased to be able to present the prizes including one to his son who is a very keen go player.

The main battles were to see whether anyone could beat the two strong Chinese lady players: Guo Juan from the Netherlands and Zhao Pei from Germany. In the end nobody could and Guo beat Zhao to win the tournament with a perfect score.

The top places are as follows:

 1 Guo Juan (7 dan, NL) 8/8
 2 Pei Zhao (5 dan, D) 7/8
 3 Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan, GB) 6/8
 4= Mark Boon (5 dan, NL) 5/8
 4= Matthew Cocke (4 dan, GB) 5/8
Also on 5/8 at the top were F. Van Arnim, J. Clare, J. Rickard and W. Connolley.

Prize winners for 6/8 were: O. Dodinval (1 dan, B), B. Kraft (1 kyu, D), V. Morrish (2 kyu, GB), P. Liboriussen (4 kyu, DK), R. Upton (4 kyu, GB), O. Azem (10 kyu, D) and for 5/7 Tom Blockley (13 kyu, GB). P. Liboriussen from Denmark was the lucky player who got 5 or more wins and got his name drawn to win a Hitachi Camcorder.

In a youth tournament on the last day six players aged under 16 battled against each other for the right to play top youth player David King (15, 2 kyu, Brakenhale) in a final.

Three players scored four wins: Anna Griffiths (15, 12 kyu, Furze Platt), Thomas Blockley (10, 13 kyu, Worcester), and Wang-zi Guo (7, 15 kyu, Amsterdam). On tie break the lowest graded player was selected for the final but failed to beat David King despite coaching before the game by his 7 dan mother.

So the large Hitachi colour TV goes to Brakenhale School.

In the Lightning (Fast Play) Tournament 48 players battled away to decided who could play best whilst playing fast. In the final Eric Warkentin (2 kyu, France) lost to Miss Pei Zhao (5 dan, Germany).

In a hastily organised Rengo (Team) Tournament prizes were awarded to winners of the losers section, runners up and the overall winners: D. Moutarde (9 kyu, F), G. Klein (2 kyu, A), A. Pogacnik (2 dan, SLO); A. Grzeschniok (3 dan, D), P. Reiss (4 kyu, D), D. King (2 kyu, GB); P. Landskron (1 dan, D), P. Wirth (1 kyu, D) and R. Upton (4 kyu, GB).

West Surrey 04/12/94

Paul Margetts (1 kyu Epsom Downs) beat London's Geoff Kaniuk (also 1 kyu), in the final of the Handicap Tournament held at the school in Bramley. George Haig (19 kyu) and Simon Brooks (14 kyu) both from Swindon won 4/4. 18 pupils and 4 teachers attended the Teach-in at Burpham the previous day. Subjects covered were memorising games, openings, ladders, frameworks, tesuji.

Three Peaks 26/11/95-27/11/94

A large entry was expected for the second Three Peaks and so the venue was changed from the Marton Arms to the Ingleton Community Centre. However only 25 attended of who Toby Manning (2 dan Leamington) proved the victor. With four wins were Alistair Wall (4 dan Wanstead), Paul Barnard (1 kyu Swindon), Garry Quinn (4 kyu Teesside).

Birmingham 13/11/94

A very laid back one day tournament was held at the education centre in Harbourne. 55 players attended. Winner was Simon Shiu (3 dan Teesside). Other prizes to Alistair Thompson (2 dan Monmouth), Gerry Mills (1 dan Monmouth), France Ellul (4 kyu Brakenhale), Elinor Brooks (10 kyu Swindon), Graham Brooks (16 kyu Swindon).

Swindon Tournament 06/11/94

The second Swindon was held this time in a community hall. 68 players from 4 dan to 35 kyu attended. Winner was T.Mark Hall (4 dan Bristol). Prize winners: Simon Goss (1 dan Bracknell), Jo Hampton (1 dan West Wales), David King (3 kyu Brakenhale), Eric Hall (5 kyu Swindon), Tom Widdicombe (7 kyu Devon), David Byrne (9 kyu NW London), Anna Griffiths (13 kyu Furze Platt), Emma Marchant (21 kyu Brakenhale), Chris Downey (28 kyu Brakenhale).

Wessex Tournament 23/10/94

Over 100 players attended the 25th Wessex Tournament. The winner, who beat T.Mark Hall in the last round, was Cambridge's John Rickard (4 dan).

Shrewsbury 03/10/94

The Go Ban prize normally held by Macfadyen stayed with Leamington Go Club as Des Cann beat Francis Roads by half a point to win the tournament.

Milton Keynes 24/09/94

A one day tournament held at the Open University. Winner was Edmund Shaw (5 dan) from Reading.

Northern Tournament 03/09/94-04/09/94

This was the British entry for the European Grand Prix 1994-5. However the Obayashi Cup was arranged to clash in Amsterdam. No mainland Europeans played - lots of GP points for the British! Joint winners on 5.5/6 were Matthew Cocke and Des Cann (both 4 dan).

Earlier detailed reports are not available online.


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