UK Results: 1999

London Open TT 31/12/99-03/01/00

99 players took part in the 26th Open, the Millennium edition. The four players to make the knockout stage were Victor Chow (6 dan South Africa), Zhongyong Zhang (5 dan China), Valentin Urziceanu (4 dan Romania) and Yoshiyuki Uemura (4 dan France). Zhang beat Chow and then Urziceanu to win the tournament. Second was Urziceanu, and third Victor Chow. On 7/8 were Konrad Scheffler (2 kyu UK) and Gustav Rober (15 kyu UK). On 6 wins were Philip Marshall (6 kyu Isle Of Man), Natasha Regan (9 kyu UK), Matthew Selby (10 kyu UK), Steffen Wolff (10 kyu D), Mathias Bahr (1 dan D) and Kei Shinada (4 kyu Belgium), winners receiving a wooden go stone. All on 5/8 were presented with a certificate. Best 1 kyu was Per Erik Martin (Sweeden).

The Lightning winner was Chow, second Zhang and third Mathias Bahr (winner of a play-off against Shawn Hearn (12 kyu UK)). The Continuous 9x9 winners were Francis Roads (4 dan UK), Des Cann (4 dan UK) and Nicola Hurden (13 kyu UK).

West Surrey Handicap 05/12/99

Winner was Chris Dawson (1 dan Maidenhead). Best of the 54 players were Natasha Regan (11 kyu Epsom), Ian McAnally (12 kyu Manchester) and Simon Jones (25 kyu Berks Youth) on 4/4. On 3/4 were losing finalist Des Cann (4 dan Leamington) and Alison Jones (2 dan Wanstead), Tony Atkins (2 dan Reading), Henry Segerman (1 dan Oxford Uni), Geoff Kaniuk (1 kyu London), Helen Harvey (1 kyu Manchester), Brian Brunswick (3 kyu Epsom), Bill Streeten (4 kyu Wanstead), Jim Edwards (6 kyu High Wycombe), David Denholm (7 kyu High Wycombe), Roland Halliwell (12 kyu Twickenham) and Andrew McAnally (30 kyu Manchester). Winners in the continuous 13x13 were Ian McAnally, Tony Atkins and Nicola Hurden. Tim Hunt won the spot the words competition, Ron Bell the Pits and Simon Goss the anagrams. On the day before, 31 students were taught by 5 teachers (Alison Jones, Des Cann, Paul Clarke, Simon Goss and Tony Atkins) on subjects such as joseki, shape, jargon, life and death.

Swindon 28/11/99

75 players attended the 7th Swindon. Winner was Des Cann (4 dan Leamington) on tie-break from Francis Roads and Alistair Wall (both 4 dan Wanstead). On 3/3 were Alan Thornton (2 dan St Albans), Roger Daniel (4 kyu Hampstead), Ian McAnally (13 kyu Manchester) and Garry White (18 kyu Berkshire Youth). Epsom won the team prize helped by the following also on 3/3: Brian Brunswick (3 kyu), Philip Tedder (5 kyu), Matthew Selby (11 kyu), Natasha Regan (14 kyu) and Andrew Slough (25 kyu). Nicola Hurden (13 kyu Berkshire Youth) won the 13x13.

National Small Board (Cambridge) 21/11/99

Winner was Dan Micsa (2 dan Reading) with 4/6. Simon Jones (28 kyu Berkshire Youth) won 5/6; William Brooks (10 kyu Cambridge C&G) and Garry White (19 kyu Berkshire Youth) also won 4/6.

Three Peaks 13/11/99-14/11/99

John Rickard (4 dan Cambridge) won the 7th tournament held in North Yorkshire with 5/5. On 4/5 were Andrew Grant (2 dan Open University), Dave Artus (1 dan London), Philip Marshall (6 kyu Isle of Man), David Morton (8 kyu Edinburgh) and Gary Beman (10 kyu Leamington). On 3.5 were Robert Salkeld (1 kyu Essex) and Mark Dalgarno (4 kyu Cambridge). 52 took part.

Wessex 31/10/99

88 players were at the 30th Wessex. Winner was Young Kim (5 dan GLGC) ahead of Antonio Moreno (4 dan Bristol). Other winners were in divisions: Division 2 Dan Micsa (2 dan Reading); Division 3 Bob Hitchens (1 dan Bristol); Division 4 Steve Bailey (1 kyu West Surrey); Division 5 Ian Sharpe (2 kyu Bath); Division 6 Tom Blockley (3 kyu Worcester); Division 7 Philip Tedder (6 kyu Epsom Downs); Division 8 Toby Anderson (10 kyu Bournemouth); Division 9 Natasha Regan (18 kyu Epsom Downs); Division 10 Paul Blockley (28 kyu Worcester). Of these Kim, Hitchens, Anderson and Regan won all 4 games. The FG Cup for 13x13 went to Shawn Hearn (12 Kyu Berkshire Youth). The best team was Epsom Downs.

Wanstead & Youth Small Board 16/10/99

46 adults took part in the Wanstead Tournament, resurrected at new a venue: Walthamstow Friends' Meeting House. Winner on 4/4 was Seoung-June Kim (6 dan Cambridge). Des Cann (4 dan Leamington) was second with 3/4. Also on 3/4 were Andrew Grant (2 dan Open), Tim Hunt (1 dan Cambridge), Dave Artus (1 dan London), Konrad Scheffler (2 kyu Cambridge), Mike Cockburn (2 kyu St Albans), Roger Daniel (4 kyu Hampstead) and Christian Nentwich (6 kyu CLGC). On 4/4 were Thomas Wolf (8 kyu Putney) and Matthew Selby (15 kyu Epsom).

In the British Youth Small Board winner and under-18 champion was Philip Tedder (6 kyu Epsom). Runner Up was Nicola Hurden (13 kyu Berks Youth). Winner in under 14 section was Shawn Hearn (12 kyu Berks Youth) and Under 10 winner was Luise Wolf (30 kyu Putney). Winner of the Handicap prize was Garry White (20 kyu Berks Youth). All the kids had a chance to play Yuki Shigeno (pro 2 dan).

Shrewsbury Tournament 03/10/99

56 attended Shrewsbury. Des Cann (4 dan Leamington) won in his club's tradition. On 3/3 were Tony Atkins (2 dan Bracknell), Henry Segerman (1 dan Manchester), Richard Moulds (5 kyu Manchester), Jil Segerman (11 kyu Manchester), Matthew Selby (18 kyu Epsom), Stephen Streater (22 kyu Epsom), and Natasha Regan (25 kyu Epsom). Manchester won the team prize.

Milton Keynes 18/09/99

66 players took part in this year's tournament at the Open University. As an extra bonus this time was the visit of professionals Umezawa Yukari (3p) and Inori Yoko (4p). They who played some teaching games with the children, made origami and analysed British Championship Game 2. Winner of the tournament was Young Kim (5 dan CLGC). On 3/3 were Alison Jones (2 dan Wanstead), Steve Bailey (2 kyu West Surrey), Matthew Reid (3 kyu Cambridge), Peter Fisher (4 kyu Leicester), Jimmy Mao (6 kyu Bristol), Richard Thompson (6 kyu Leicester), Garry White (22 kyu Berks Youth) and Matthew Selby and Stephen Streater (playing in this first event). Ian McAnally (15 kyu Manchester) won 2.5.

Northern, Manchester 04/09/99-05/09/99

40 players took part. Three top players all scored 5/6 and were broken by tie-break: 1. Francis Roads (4d), 2. T.Mark Hall (4d), 3. Shigehiko Uno (5d). Two Manchester 7 kyus won 5/6: Ken Primrose and Richard Moulds. Best player below 10 kyu was Ian McAnally (15k Chester).

Mind Sports Olympiad 21/08/99-29/08/99

Cho Hun-Hyun (Korea 9p) attended the MSO in West London and lectured and played 10 on 1 simultaneous. He was assisted in translation by Nam Chihyoung (Korea 1p). The 13x13 event was won by Shutai Zhang, second Matthew Macfadyen and third Vladimir Danek. The 9x9 event was won by Seong-June Kim, second Shutai Zhang, third Gert Schneider. A beginners 9x9 was won by F. Prager, second T. Niccoli and third N. Regan. The six round main event was won by Shutai Zhang on tie-break from Si Young Jang and Guo Juan. The fast play was won clearly by Si Young Jang, second Guo Juan and equal third Shutai Zhang and Sa Ryun Yoon. Go players recorded medals in other events too such as poker, skat, Continuo and Countdown. Paul Smith took the gold in the Pentamind ahead of Demis Hassabis.

Isle of Man 22/08/99-27/08/99

54 players took part in the main event and two more in the afternoon. Winner of the main event was Francis Roads (4d) ahead of Des Cann (4d). Neil Moffatt (8k Portsmouth) and Shawn Hearn (14k Brakenhale) won all 5. On 4/5 were Eric Hall (3k Swindon), Emma Marchant (8k Brakenhale), Gernot Belger (13k D), Ian McAnally (17k Manchester) and Garry White (26k Wildridings). The afternoon event was won by Shigehiko Uno (5d London). On 3/3 were Ian McAnally and Emma Fairbrother (20k Brakenhale). On 2 and a jigo were Eric Hall and France Ellul (3k High Wycombe). Prizes for two and a bye went to Graham Brooks (12k Swindon) and Gustav Rober (17k IOM). Pairs champions were Michael Marz and Gernot Rober, who beat Simon Goss and Chris White in the final. After a play-off the team winners were the Fish, Spoon and Tea Set, ahead of Derby Leamings. Shawn Hearn beat William Brooks in the final to win the Continuous Lightning. 13x13 winner was Francis Roads (beat France Ellul in last round). Chris White (29k Brakenhale) was the best in the 35 player Handicap event. Tom Blockley (3k Worcester) was Junior champion.

Portsmouth 04/07/99

The first ever Pompey Tournament was held in the small village of Southwick high on the Downs above the city. 46 players attended and despite a large number of Brakenhale children turning up none one prizes. May be this was caused by the distraction of football luring them away from the 13x13; Dan Micsa (1 dan Reading) won this event earning himself one of the new BGA Books tokens. Winner of the event was local member Alistair Wall (4 dan) who one a go cabinet. Runner up was Tony Atkins (2 dan Reading). Those winning engraved glasses for three wins were: Neil Moffatt (9 kyu Portsmouth), Greg Lane-Serf (10 kyu Winchester), Michael Davis (12 kyu Plymouth), Ian McAnally (18 kyu Manchester) and Garry White (28 kyu Wildridings School Bracknell). Kevin Drake (1 kyu Bournemouth) also won a glass for 2 wins and a jigo. Portsmouth declined to win the fan that was the team prize and offered it to Winchester instead.

Welsh Open 26/06/99-27/06/99

54 people also attended the Welsh Open at Barmouth. This was a record attendance possible caused by predictions of fine weather or by the events reputation for a fun atmosphere and the beautiful sea and hills around. As ever the winner was Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington). A creditable second place was Andrew Grant (2 dan Open University) who placed ahead of several 3 dans. Prize winners for 4/5 were Edward Blockley (2 kyu Worcester), Tom Blockley (3 kyu Worcester), Peter Fisher (5 kyu Leicester), Richard Moulds (8 kyu), Jil Segerman (12 kyu Manchester), Shawn Hearn (15 kyu Brakenhale) and Dan Calvelo (17 kyu Brakenhale).

Leicester 12/06/99

54 players attended the Leicester Tournament, again held in its church hall venue. A change from recent years was that the trophy actually arrived, after a rescue from Matthew Macfadyen's trophy cupboard by Des Cann. Actually it was Des who took it away again as he was the winner. Playing at 4 dan, he did well to beat Seong June Kim (6 dan Cambridge) in the last round. Kim was second and David Ward (3 dan Cambridge) was third despite having to play two other Cambridge players including the 6 dan and beating the Bracknell winner Young Kim (5 dan London). Prizes of 3/3 went to Dan Micsa (1 dan Reading), Steve Bailey (2 kyu West Surrey), Malcolm Walker (9 kyu Worcester), Theo Elliott (14 kyu Brakenhale), Chris Jones (20 kyu Unattached) and Nick Calvelo (29 kyu Brakenhale). Dan Calvelo (the elder brother) won the continuous 13x13 ahead of school mate Shawn Hearn.

Scottish Open 29/05/99-30/05/99

23 players attended this year's Scottish Open, held for the third time at Glasgow University. Winner this year was Simon Shiu (4 dan Bristol) who won all 6. Second on 5/6 was Tony Atkins (2 dan Reading). Ian McAnally (20 kyu Manchester) also won 5/6.

British Pair Go 23/05/99

31 Pairs attended the Championships held this year at Stokenchurch near High Wycombe. Competition was in three sections: the British Championship, the Open Handicap and Youth Handicap. Winners of the Youth were Brakenhale's Nicola Hurden and Shawn Hearn, with the runners up being a scratch team of Andrew Gale and Garry White. Handicap winners were Jini Williams and Fred Holroyd, with runners up Yoko Sone and John McAnally. In the Championship section winners for the third year running were Kirsty Healey and Matthew Macfadyen, with runners up Alison Jones and Tony Atkins. It looks like the latter pair will be our representatives in the World Pairs Championships in November. Other pairs on two wins were Emma Marchant and Simon Goss, Sue Paterson and Des Cann. Best dressed pairs were Silvia Kalisch and Richard Parkins, Luise Wolf and Thomas Wolf; Emma-Jayne Fairbrother and Tom Blockley had the best dressed feet. Various prizes were awarded in the top ten go songs competition.

Bracknell 15/05/99

70 players attended at the new venue which was actually in Wokingham and not Bracknell. Winner was Y.K. Kim (5 dan CLGC) who beat S-J. Kim (6 dan Cambridge) in the last round. Winners on 3/3 were Simon Bexfield (1 dan CLGC), Granville Wright (1 dan Brighton), Alan Metz (2 kyu Portsmouth), Tony Lyall (7 kyu Norwich), Thomas Wolf (9 kyu Twickenham), Neil Moffatt (10 kyu Portsmouth), Richard Barnes (15 kyu), Ian McAnally (22 kyu Manchester) and Andrew Gale (29 kyu Brakenhale). The 13x13 winner was Daniel Calvelo (21 kyu Brakenhale).

Challenger's League 01/05/99-03/05/99

This was again a 24 player tournament, held as last year at the Nippon Club in Piccadilly. 12 players from last year, anyone 5 dan or stronger and those qualified from the Candidates' Tournament, the British Open or the Stacey could take part. Making a welcome reappearance this year was the British Champion from the sixties and seventies, Jon Diamond. A three way tie between Matthew Cocke, Des Cann and John Rickard will mean a play-off having to be arranged. Those on 4/6 taking places 5 to 8 were: Matthews, Hall, Shepperson, Ward and Jim Clare.

Bar-Low (Cambridge) 02/05/99

The Bar-Low tournament for kyu players was held at the usual venue of the Cambridge University Centre. The number of players taking part was the same as the last three years at 32 plus the organiser. Cambridge's 1 kyu Jonathan Chin won all five games against his fellow kyu players to end in first place. Phil Beck ended second as a 3 kyu by winning 4/5. Two other prize winners were Brakenhale's Briony Staines (27 kyu) and Emma-Jayne Fairbrother (22 kyu).

Devon 18/04/99

The fifth Devon Tournament moved west to the ancient sea port of Plymouth. The venue was a pub, the Three crowns, on the Barbican. Tony Atkins (2 dan Reading) took his first even game title. Losing finalist was Tony Putman (1 dan Swindon). The best of the bottom half of the 16 were Corrina Finnis (12 kyu West Cornwall) and Richard Helyer (7 kyu Oxford) who beat Corrina in the last round.

British Go Congress, Abingdon 09/04/99-11/04/99

Abingdon School was the attractive location of the British in the historic Thames-side town. 37 players arrived to play the British Lightning. Seong-June Kim was the winner, beating Piers into second. The others with 4/5 were T.Mark Hall, Des Cann, Simon Goss and Chris Dawson. In the lower division, first was Ian McAnally (23 kyu) with 5/5, ahead of Daniel Calvelo (25 kyu). 80 players took part in the main tournament, the British Open. The prizes in the Open went to: 1. S-J. Kim (6 dan Cambridge) for 6/6, 2. M. Macfadyen (6 dan Cambridge) for 5/6, 3. T.Mark Hall (4 dan London), 4. Y. Kim (5 dan CLGC) for 4/6, and those on 5/6 Tim Hunt (1 kyu Cambridge), Edward Blockley (2 kyu Worcester), Philip Beck (3 kyu Cambridge), Konrad Scheffler (4 kyu Cambridge), Theo Elliott (16 kyu Brakenhale) and Roger Peck (20 kyu unattached). The Nippon Club Cup for the best BGA club team went to Cambridge for their 63 percent. Winners in the continuous 13x13 were Nicola Hurden (13 kyu Brakenhale) and Daniel Calvelo (25 kyu Brakenhale). Dr Evan Harris MP presented the prizes. The 1998-1999 Stacey Grand Prix (for the most top tournament games won) went for the first time ever to Matthew Macfadyen (39 points), ahead of Francis Roads (33 points) and S-J. Kim (28). The WKD Grand Prix (for the two dan with the most losses) went to worthy winner Alan Thornton (31 points), ahead of Alison Jones (25) and Simon Goss (23). Alison Jones was highest placed woman in the Open and so scored the most qualifying points towards trips to the Women's World Amateur, ahead of Kirsty Healey, Lena Morrish and Sue Paterson. In addition for the first time, Challenger's places were awarded to S. Shiu, A. Rix, T. Hunt, T. Atkins and M. Charles from the Open, and A. Thornton and B. Bagot from the Stacey.

Thames Valley Team Tournament 05/04/99

Six teams made it to Great Missenden for the traditional Easter Monday Thames Valley Team Tournament. Reading regained lost form (helped may be by the handicapping scheme) despite having to field a reserve and Jim Clare (3 dan) losing to Christian Scarff (1 dan). Second was the Jet Lagged team, followed by West Surrey.

Coventry (Tile Hill) 28/03/99

54 players attended and could hear Matthew Macfadyen's entertaining lunch talk on the rarity of the species known as the British six dan. As usual Matthew also won the event. Those on 3/3 were: John Lowe (3 kyu Leamington), Thomas Erker (5 kyu Germany), Malcolm Walker (10 kyu Worcester), Nicola Hurden (14 kyu Brakenhale), and Ian McAnally (25 kyu Manchester). Brakenhale school mates Dan Calvelo and Shawn Hearn won the 13x13 prizes. As Brakenhale tied with Leamington for the team prize, Matthew and Nicola played a lightning play off; despite Matthew winning, the youngsters still got their prize.

International Teams 21/03/99

Held in London at the Nippon Club, a joint Chinese/Korean team won with 15, ahead of Japan on 9, Reading 8 and Central London's 4.

Candidates' Tournament 13/03/99-14/03/99

The first stage of the British Championship was held at the Daiwa Foundation opposite Regent's Park in London. 34 players took part. Toby Manning (3 dan Leamington) and John Rickard (4 dan Cambridge) finished unbeaten. Those on three in order of tie-break were Simon Bexfield (1 dan London), Harry Fearnley (2 dan Oxford), Alison Jones (2 dan Wanstead), Andrew Grant (2 dan Open University), Robert Salkeld (1 dan), John Fairbairn (2 dan London), Bob Bagot (2 dan Manchester), Paul Margetts (1 dan Epsom Downs) and Alex Rix (4 dan London). The top four were sure to qualify for the next stage, as would most of the rest taking up reserve places.

Cambridge Trigantius 07/03/99

HITACHI Europe Ltd again sponsored the Cambridge Trigantius and 95 players attended. Kim Seong-June (6 dan Cambridge) won all three games to take first place ahead of Mr. Y. Kim (5 dan London) and Piers Shepperson (5 dan London). Those also winning all three were Daniel Calvelo (29 kyu Brakenhale), Shawn Hearn (18 kyu Brakenhale), Mike Thomas (9 kyu Cambridge), Mark Dalgarno (5 kyu Cambridge), Frank Visser (4 kyu Cambridge) and Edward Blockley (2 kyu Worcester). Also on three and sharing the best kyu prize were Nick Wedd (1 kyu Oxford) and Jonathan Chin (1 kyu Cambridge). Brakenhale B won the team prize scoring 80 percent. In the now traditional afternoon novices 13x13 event, 12 players aged 5 to adult (including two who dropped from the main) were organised in battle by Paul Smith. Winner was 11 year old Sam Wakeford (Cambridge), ahead of 13 year old Ross Chapman (St. Albans).

Oxford 13/02/99

98 players attended the Oxford Tournament held as last year in St. Edmund Hall. To keep up the student tradition, the time limits to the last round were cut, thanks to a late start. Main organiser Henry Segerman was rewarded by being one of the players to receive his shodan diploma after the prize giving. Prizes were partly sponsored by Oxford Heritage, the nearby games shop, who had a sales stand present. Winner for the second time running was Matthew Macfadyen (6d Leamington). Those also on 3/3 were Niculae Mandache (2d Bristol), Matthew Woodcraft (1k Cambridge), Barry Chandler (2k Reading), Bill Rivers (2k Oxford), Malcolm Hagan (7k Portsmouth), Neil Moffatt (10k Portsmouth), Keith Osborne (11k Norwich), Jimmy Mao (14k Bristol), Nicola Hurden (15k Brakenhale), Shawn Hearn (20k Brakenhale), Lucie Elliott (24k Brakenhale), Ian McAnally (26k Manchester).

British Youth Go Championships   17/01/99

35 children attended Brakenhale School, Bracknell, for the 1999 BYGC. Attending for the first time were Bloxham School; teacher Hugh Alexander accepted a special prize box of sweets on their behalf. Professional Liu Yajie was on hand to give teaching games to players receiving byes. France Ellul, Simon Goss Tony Atkins and Paul Smith were the main organisers. Brakenhale School were awarded the Castledine Trophy for the seventh time, unchallenged again. The Youth Champion was Tom Blockley again, with runner up Francis Weaver.

Age groupWinnersRunners Up
U18Philip Tedder (6k Epsom Downs)Emma Marchant (8k Brakenhale)
U16Tom Blockley (4k Worcester)Francis Weaver (6k Brakenhale)
U14Theo Elliott (20k Brakenhale)Shawn Hearn (20k Brakenhale)
U12Tom Eckersley-Waites (12k Cambridge)Adam Eckersley-Waites (12k Cambridge)
U10William Brooks (13k Cambridge)Paul Blockley (32k Worcester)
U8Luise Wolf (35k London)Alex Cherry (35k Bracknell)

Prizes for 4/5: Darren Fairbrother (20k Brakenhale), James Donald (20k Cambridge), Nick Calvelo (34k Brakenhale), Lucie Elliott (24k Brakenhale), Lizzy Wayte (31k Brakenhale), Francis Weaver, Tom Blockley, Luise Wolf, William Brooks and Theo Elliott. 3/5: Shawn Hearn, Adam and Tom Eckersley- Waites. Quiz winners: Emma Marchant (16/18) and Nicholas Calvelo (best low-grader).

Furze Platt, Maidenhead 16/01/99

78 players attended this year's HITACHI sponsored Furze Platt Tournament, held as usual in Hitachi's plush European headquarters in Maidenhead. The Furze Platt School Club may be no more but the former pupils and local Maidenhead members ran a good event as usual. Winner this year was C.S. "Charlie" Park (4d Wanstead), a Korean businessman spending three months in London. He beat London Korean Y. Kim (5d CLGC) in the last round. Winners of 3/3 were Damir Nola (3k CLGC), Graham Lamont (4k Portsmouth), Malcolm Hagan (8k Portsmouth), Rolland Halliwell (14k Epsom Downs), Si Chan (22k Furze Platt), Ian McAnally (28k Manchester). Bottles of wine went to all on 2 wins: Y. Kim (5d CLGC), Piers Shepperson (5d CLGC), T.M.Hall (4d Bristol), Andrew Jones (3d Wanstead), Michael Zhang (CLGC), Mike Charles (2d St. Albans), Tony Atkins (2d Reading), Jo Hampton (2d Barmouth), Alan Thornton (2d St. Albans), Dave Artus (1d CLGC),D Micsa (1d Reading), Marcus Bennett (1d Bournemouth), Simon Bexfield (1d CLGC), Gerry Mills (1d Monmouth), David Woodnutt (1d OU), Mathias Kegelmann (1k Birmingham), Barry Chandler (2k Reading), Sue Paterson (2k CLGC), Jiri Keller (2k CLGC), Brian Brunswick (3k Epsom Downs), David Pemberton (3k Epsom Downs), Nick Rogers (4k OU), Hiroshi Sakata (5k Japan), Iain Attwell (5k Maidenhead), Ron Bell (5k Reading), Pauline Bailey (11k West Surrey), Neil Moffatt (12k Portsmouth), Graham Brooks (12k Swindon). Not surprising from the list of winners the best club team were Portsmouth. Aaron Dixson (21k Brakenhale) won the continuous 9x9.


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