DDK Update:- May 2012

The BGA Council has decided to produce this update once a month for double digit kyu (DDK) players. If you are a DDK player, let us know what you like to hear about. And if you have any ideas about the sort of Go tournaments or events which are best for DDK players or which you would like to see in the future, please let us know. If you are a tournament organiser and you are keen to have DDK players taking part in your tournament, please let us know about that too.


Some tournaments have a particularly good record of attracting DDK players so you know that they are a likely place where you can find many other players around your grade. One of these is the Durham tournament, which takes place this year on Sat 16 June. Last year there were 11 DDK players at this event, ranging from 10k to 19k.

In recent tournament results, Daniel Peace 12k from Oxford won all his games at the Bracknell tournament. And earlier there were five DDK players scoring 4/6 at the British Open in Durham – Brian Timmins, Pat Ridley, Jonathan Teddy McManus, Huw Mort and Kathleen Timmins

DDK Grand Prix

The BGA Council has decided that this year there will be two Grand Prix style competitions for DDK players. One will be for players graded 10-19 kyu and the other for players from 20 kyu downwards. To be included you need to play at least your first tournament in the year in that grade range. There will be prizes of vouchers for the Guo Juan internet go school.

The scores will work in the same way as the Youth Grand Prix scores. Players score 40 points for taking part in a tournament even if they win no games, and 100 points if they win all their games. In between that the score is proportional to the number of games won. So if for example you win 4 games at a 6 round tournament then you will score 80 points. You must play in at least half the rounds to score for that event. You can score points at UK tournaments. Most over the board tournaments are included, including novice, junior, small board and pair go events. Online competitions, team and lightning events are not included. The latest scores are below.

DDK Grand Prix Scores

Here are the top scores in each section after the Scottish Open and Bracknell:

10 kyu + section

  1. Colin Maclennan 564
  2. Pauline Bailey 450
  3. Daniel Peace 430
  4. James Wilson 300
  5. Casey Alexander 290
  6. Patrick Ridley 260
  7. Graham Blackmore 220
  8. David Turban 210
  9. Melchior Chui 170
  10. Kathleen Timmins 168

20 kyu + section

  1. Edmund Smith 335
  2. Anthony Ghica 315
  3. Richard Bradbury 80
  4. David Mathers 80
  5. Hammod Munir 80
  6. Jack Chen 70
  7. Richard Showler 60
  8. Lesley Prothero 60
  9. Jackson Umlauf 50
  10. Mark Slatter 48

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