Player Development


This exists to provide teaching and mentoring support to members who are trying to improve their game. The aim to us to raise the level of play of those who want to learn more about Go. This is done by providing game commentaries, mentoring services such as the Online Study Group, teaching interludes at tournaments, teaching events, correspondence courses, game analysis etc.

Ability levels are (fairly arbitrarily) divided into 5 ranges: beginner (up to 30ish kyu), novice (30ish to 20ish kyu), double figure kyus (20ish to 10 kyu), single figure kyus (9 to 1 kyu), and dans. The BGA aims to support player development at all of these levels.

This committee also monitors the ratings and grading system.

Some interesting Teaching Links are:

Role Job Description Person
Game Review Service

Provides members with the chance to get their games commented on by a stronger player. Games should be sent to the Analyst who will either review them himself or pass them to other members for review.

If your game is very interesting, your permission may be sought to publish it in the British Go Journal or put it online. Electronic game records (SGF format) are preferred, but paper game diagrams are OK too.

To get best value from your game review, do annotate the record with any questions and with your thoughts at key moments of the game.

Paul Barnard
National Trainer

This is a job required as part of the European Go and Cultural Centre's training programme. He or she acts as an interface for teaching material produced between the EGCC and the BGA. He or she also should encourage training through a network of trainers and provide training courses and materials.

Andrew Simons
Rating and Grading

Monitors the rating and grading system, determines if any changes are needed and makes them.

Geoff Kaniuk
Training Consultant

Provides the BGA with training advice and material that can be used to run seminars or courses.

Matthew Macfadyen

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