Andrew Russell

The Youth Committee exists to promote Go amongst young people up to the age of about 18. In this context, youth ends when school ends, so that, for example, the Student Development Co-ordinator, who is responsible for promoting Go in Universities and Colleges, is on the Clubs and Membership Committee rather than the Youth Committee.

An important part of the work of the Youth Committee is the encouragement of the teaching of Go and supporting clubs in schools, and the organisation of the UK Go Challenge (13x13 tournament for schools).

Young players are, of course, welcomed and encouraged to attend adult tournaments and other events generally (accompanied by a responsible adult). The role of the Youth Committee is in connection with initiatives aimed at youth specifically.

Role Job Description Person
Child Protection Adviser

As described in the policy on working with children and young people, the Child Protection Adviser provides advice to members involved in youth go activities.

Members should contact the CPA to discuss any situation of concern that may come to their notice.

Sue Paterson

To increase the exposure of Go in schools and other educational facilities, by establishing and maintaining contacts with schools, education authorities and throughout the world of education and visits schools to give an introduction to Go.

Also gives advice to other Go players on teaching Go and setting up clubs for youth Go.

Peter Wendes
Junior Web Site Editor

Edits the junior section of the web site, including the lists contained thereon.

Ex-officio (see Online Committee)

Martin Harvey
Schools Internet Go Server Developer

Develops and maintains the code of the SIG server.

Alex Selby
UK Go Challenge

Organises the annual UK Go Challenge competition for schools.

Tony Atkins
UK Youth Team

Organises international matches with other countries, normally via the Internet.

Martin Harvey
Youth Championship

Organises the annual British Youth Go Championship.

Tony Atkins
Youth Contacts

Maintains contact lists of school clubs, teachers and junior players; and sends out information on junior Go via the youth-go list

Paul Smith
Youth Grand Prix

Organises the Youth Grand Prix

Tony Atkins
Youth Representative - North East

Co-ordinates contact with schools in a particular area, providing advice and help where needed.


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