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Organisers' Handbook

The original Organisers' Handbook had a complete revision in May 2010 and is now two separate documents:

A third section was added in September 2013:

This new format allows for both online browsing and offline downloading and printing.

These handbooks are very useful documents outlining starting a club, publicity, teaching beginners, planning and running tournaments, including much technical detail about the McMahon tournament system and good practice for using a computer to run the draw.

We gratefully acknowledge the preparation of this edition by Nick Wedd, updating the previous edition by Edwin Brady. Thanks are due to Edwin Brady, Tony Atkins, Ian Davis, Geoff Kaniuk, Jenny Radcliffe, Paul Smith, Nick Wedd and Willemien for their contributions and suggestions, and the many contributions (both direct and indirect!) from the gotalk mailing list.

A previous version of this is available via this page

Other material:

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