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Derek Hunter
Role Job Description
Life Member

An honorary title given without obligation to BGA members who have been deemed worthy of recognition for services rendered. Life Members are exempt from paying membership fees.

Tim Hunt
Role Job Description
Gotalk Moderator

Administers the Gotalk email list, checking for bouncing addresses and incorrectly rejected messages.

Ingrid Jendrzejewski
Role Job Description
Regional Rep - East of England

To encourage and support Go playing in clubs and schools; including organising visits, tuition and recruitment, promoting the formation of new clubs and teaching events.

Geoff Kaniuk
Role Job Description
Draw Program Maintainer

GoDraw is the program that provides the draw for our McMahon organised tournaments. It has a Windows interface and is constantly being improved. You can download GoDraw via the BGA software pages...

Tournament Results

Collects the results from all UK tournaments and ensures that they are sent to the Web Site Editor for the results section and to the European ratings system in the correct format.

Referee Training

Suggests and encourages referee training and provides material for referee courses.

Rating and Grading

Monitors the rating and grading system, determines if any changes are needed and makes them.

Alex Kent
Role Job Description
Student Development

Suggests ways of and encourages development of Go amongst students.

Chris Kirkham
Role Job Description
Membership Secretary

Responsible for maintaining our membership database, sending out renewal reminders, processing membership applications and issuing membership cards. Any enquiries about Go and the Association can...

Michael Kyle
Role Job Description
Online League Co-ordinator

Organises the BGA's online leagues.