Welsh Open Tournament: Results 1994

Tournament Name: 
Welsh Open
Tournament Date: 
25 June 1994 - 26 June 1994

Partial results reconstructed from player's memories. 44 players in all.

1Matthew Macfadyen6d+3+5+8+7+65
2Francis Roads4d-7+4+6-8+93
3Alistair Wall4d-1-6+4+5+83
4Andrew Jones3d-8-2-3-9+241
5Alison Jones2d+6-1-7-3+182
6Tony Atkins2d-5+3-2+14-12
7Tim Hazleden2d+2-8+5-1-102
8William Connolley3d+4+7-1+2-33
9Simon Goss1d+13-14+12+4-23
10Manni Sferios (US)1d..+11-14+?+73
11Jo Hampton1d..-10..+16..1
12Baron Allday1k....-9....0
13S van Belle1k-9-25??+16?
14Kirsty Healey1k+17+9+10-6-153
15Paul Barnard1k-16+?+?+19+144
16Colin Adams1k+15-18+19-11-132
17Paul Margetts1k-14??-24???
18Peter Yim1k+25+16??-53?
19Nick Wedd2k+21+22-16-15+203
20Herman Marxer2k????-19?
21Edward Blockley2k-19?????
22Brian Timmins2k?-19?+25??
23Peter Timmins2k??????
24Martin Harvey2k??..+17?-52
25Helen Harvey1k-18+13..-22..1

Other players with 4/5: Bill Streeten (4k), Joe Beaton (5k), David King (8k), Anna Griffiths (15k) and Thomas Blockley (16k).

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