British Women's World Qualifier: Results 1994

Tournament Name: 
Women's World Qualifier
Tournament Date: 
18 June 1994 - 19 June 1994

A 5-round Swiss played in Leamington Spa.

Alison Cross1kX11.11...4/4
Kirsty Healey1k0X11.11..4/5
Sue Paterson2k00X1...113/5
Helen Harvey1k.00X..11.2/4
Alison Jones2d0...X101.2/4
Miriam Brod4k00..0X11.2/5
Anna Tripp4k.0.010X.12/5
Jenny Payne5k..0000.X11/5
Sally Prime10k..0...00X0/3

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