Scottish Open Tournament: Results 2001

Tournament Name: 
Scottish Open
Tournament Date: 
1 July 2001

In 2001, the Scottish Open was held in the same venue as last year - Pollock Halls in Edinburgh, under the shadow of Arthur's Seat. One surreal moment came when someone started playing the bagpipes in the distance, proving that this really was Scotland.

The result this year was a three way tie (on 4 wins each) between John Rickard, Quentin Mills and Dan Micsa, a strong 2nd Dan. Quentin was declared the winner because his opponents had won more games, and he thus retained his title from last year. Dan Micsa was second, and John Rickard was third. Of the kyu players, Jim Taylor, Roger Daniel and Gordon Reid also scored 4 out of 5. John Rickard won the subsequent Lightning Tournament with 3 out of 3.

The McMahon Bar was set at 1st Dan. Komi was 6.
The results follow. Brackets indicate handicap games.
The ordering is by grade, not final result. Discrepancies in the order are due to people deciding to change their grade at the last minute.

1Francis Roads4D-4+6-2-3+52
2John Rickard4D-3+9+1+6+44
3Quentin Mills3D+2+7-4+1+124
4Dan Micsa2D+1+5+3+7-24
5Colin Adams1D+6-4-7+8-12
6Gerry Mills1D-5-1-8-2+141
7David Keeble1D+8-3+5-4+113
8Art McKendrick1k-7+10+6-5-92
9Natasha Regan1k+10-2-11+14+83
10Helen Harvey1k-9-8-12-16+181
11Greg Reid2k+14-16+9-12-72
12Jim Taylor3k+15+13+10+11-34
13Donald Macleod2k-17-12-15-18(-23)0
14Martin Harvey2k-11+17+16-9-62
15Roger Daniel3k-12+19+13+17+164
16Matthew Selby3k+18+11-14+10-153
17Ron Bell3k+13-14-18-15-191
18Allan Crossman4k-16+20+17+13-103
19Julian Richardson4k-20-15-23(+24)+172
20Paul Russell5k+19-18+22(-25)(-24)2
21Phil Blamire5k-22(-23)(+24)(=26)+252.5
22Claas Roever6k+21(+25)-20+23(-26)3
23Gordon Reid8k+26(+21)+19-22(+13)4
24Richard Jones9k-25+26(-21)(-19)(+20)2
25Ivan Watling8k+24(-22)(+26)(+20)-213
26Nick Forde10k-23-24(-25)(=21)(+22)1.5

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