KGS 2004: results

Tournament Name: 
Tournament Date: 
1 June 2004 - 31 July 2004

Played on KGS.

Prize winners

Overall winner: Stuart Barthropp

Loyalty Prize: William Brooks

Dan section: Paul Taylor

1–10 kyu section: Matt Piatkus

Sub 10 kyu section: Henry McGuinness

Roshambo nigiri: Alan Cameron

Full results

NameGradeTournament ScorePoints ScoreGames Played
Stuart Barthropp2d0.67113.014
Paul Taylor1d0.62628.537
Matt Piatkus1k0.54516.022
George Leach4k*0.54131.047
Jonathan Hamilton1d0.5009.012
Henry McGuinness11k*0.4446.08
Ian Davis4k*0.41516.530
Gedh Online3k0.40813.023
Peter Allen8k*0.36113.026
William Brooks1k0.35626.560
Neil McLean8k0.3556.010
Martin Jackson6k0.3455.08
Henry Bamford8k*0.3458.015
Andrew Brixey9k*0.3455.08
Nick Wedd2k0.3238.016
Sue Denim6k0.3075.09
Nir Oren8k0.3075.09
Paul Smith20k*0.3075.09
Hugo Hudson9k0.2864.07
Brian Lee21k*0.2864.07
Xiu Huang1d0.2113.06
Ian Dorrington10k0.2113.06
Stephen Bazzone15k0.1462.04
Jacques Parry10k0.1413.09
Sune Mölgaard16k*0.1172.05
Ron Bell4k0.1153.011
John Nicholas7k0.1152.58
Alan Cameron12k0.1114.018
Howard Sykes11k0.0983.013
Sam Woodward11k0.0842.07
Gunnar Grimnes12k0.0732.08
Edwin Brady5k0.0652.09
Jenny Radcliffe12k0.0001.013
Ranma Saotome15k*0.0001.05
Simon Mader6k0.0001.04
Jay Leather14k0.0001.04
Ed Blockley2k0.0001.03
David Artus1k0.0001.02
Jacob Martin11k0.0001.02
Andrew Stribblehill13k0.0001.02
Michael Lowe3k0.0000.09
Joerg Abentroth5k0.0000.03
John Hall5k0.0000.03
Paulo Martini8k0.0000.02
Piers Cawley8k0.0000.01
Chris Poerschke8k0.0000.01
Russ Haswell14k0.0000.01

An asterisk indicates that person’s grade altered during the course of the competition.

People who have played fewer than 8 games have been greyed out and winners have been highlighted.

Tournament Score uses the Wanstead System: score = (points - sqrt(points))/games played, with 1 point for a win, and 0.5 for a jigo.

Roshambo Nigiri

The Roshambo was calculated on a percentage basis. Competitors playing less than 5 games have been omitted, and those without the mandatory 8 games have been greyed out.

NameScore %Total ScoreGames Played
Alan Cameron87.578
Gedh Online60.0610
Ian Davis53.8713
George Leach46.2613
Nick Wedd37.538
Peter Allen60.035
Jenny Radcliffe60.035
Paul Smith50.036
Will Brooks40.025

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