UK Go Challenge Finals: Results 2010

Tournament Name: 
UK Go Challenge Finals
Tournament Date: 
10 July 2010

Held at St Mary's Priory RC Junior School, Harringay, London

Age group categories determined by knockout system.
Team trophy decided by head to head matches in R1/R2.

(Lower graded players' grades are approximate)

11Roella Smith13kMilton20+4+12+21+17+2+5+727½
22Barney Shiu10kBristol10+14+9+16+3+1-4+632
33Vijayant Pannu31kSt Marys15+23+10+8+2-14+9+626½
44Peran Truscott13kCambridge7+1-14+5+22+11+2-532
55Tom Meehan18kSolihull11+21+20+4-15+6+1-528½
66Jason Prince35kSt Marys24+10-18+9+21+5-14+523
77Linden Ralph26kCambridge4-24+23+11-13+25+18+522
88Ernel Bodi37kSt Marys29+28+27+3-11+...20=14½
99Filip Nykiel33kSt Marys23+18+2-6-25+15+3-427
10Gabriel Olatokun35kSt Marys2-6+3-14-28+16+19+427
1111James Lee30kSt Anns5-20+24+7+8-4-25+426
1212Samantha Castrillo32kSt Marys21-16+1-22+18+17-15+423
1313Alexei Pierre-Davis35kSt Marys18-27+16-26+7-21+17+419
1414Piotr Nykiel33kSt Marys27+2-4-10+16+3-6-330
1515Mark Slatter30kMilton3-19+22+17+5-9-12-327
1616Taylor Nelson32kSt Marys17+12-13+2-14-10-22+326
1717Kelda Smith30kMilton16-26+21+15-1-12+13-325
1818Raheem Montague35kSt Marys13+9-6-29+12-22+7-324
1919Martin England30kMilton22-15-26+27-23+28+10-315
2020Santiago Gonzalez30kSt Marys1-11-5-...29+24+8=22½
2121Angel Jobson30kSt Marys12+5-17-1-6-13-23+230
2222Anthony Ghica30kKettlefields19+25+15-12-4-18-16-223
23Stefan Wiecek31kSt Marys9-3-7-24+19-27+21-223
2424Lorcan O'Shea35kSt Marys6-7-11-23-27+20-29+219½
2525Arthur Ziyanbi35kSt Marys26+22-...28+9-7-11-218
2626Rowan O'Brien30kMilton25-17-19-13-...29+28+213
2727Maciej Malisz-Sobera35kSt Marys14-13-8-19+24-23-...118½
2828Liam Deane-Duprez38kSt Marys...8-29+25-10-19-26-115½
2929Janet Olatokun40kSt Marys8-...28-18-20-26-24-015


U14 Boys  - Peran Truscott (Cambridge)
U12 Boys  - Thomas Meehan (Solihull)
U10 Boys  - Barney Shiu (Bristol)
U8 Boys   - Mark Slatter (Milton, Cambridge)
U12 Girls - Angel Jobson (St Mary's, London)
U10 Girls & Top Girl - Roella Smith (Milton, Cambridge)
U8 Girls  - Kelda Smith (Milton, Cambridge)

Runners Up:

U14 Boys  - Linden Ralph (Cambridge)
U12 Boys  - James Lee (St Ann's, London)
U10 Boys  - Vijayant Pannu (St Mary's, London)
U8 Boys   - Anthony Ghica (Kettlefields, Newmarket)
U10 Girls - Samantha Castrillo (St Mary's, London)

Overall place winners:

1st - Roella Smith
2nd - Barney Shiu
3rd - Peran Truscott

On 5/7: Jason Prince On 4/7: Filip Nykiel, Alexei Pierre-Davis, Gabriel Olatokun

Challengers' Tournament - Ernel Bodi (St Mary's, London) Champion School - N/C Champion Primary School - St Ann's Challengers' School: St Mary's

Section winners and runners up won cash prizes, thanks to Winton Capital Management.
All section winners also got a framed certificate showing their achievement.
Roella also got the puzzle-solving prize. Janet Olatokun got the fighting spirit prize.

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