Challengers' League Results: 2015

Tournament Name: 
Challengers' League
Tournament Date: 
23 May 2015 - 26 May 2015

Played at the Goddard Arms, Swindon

11Andrew Kay4dBirmingham2+3+5+7+8+6+4+7
22Andrew Simons4dCambridge1-5+7+8+6+4+3+6
33Charles Hibbert3dLondon8+1-6+5+4-7+2-4
44Tim Hunt2dMilton Keynes5-7-8+6+3+2-1-3
5Alistair Wall2dWanstead4+2-1-3-7+8+6-3
66Richard Hunter2dBristol7-8+3-4-2-1-5+2
7Harry Fearnley2dOxford City6+4+2-1-5-3-8-2
88James Hutchinson2dBelfast3-6-4-2-1-5-7+1

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