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Ego 1995-07
July 1995

Reviewer: Nick Wedd

Bruce Wilcox, the author of the Nemesis go-playing program, has now released another go-playing program, Ego. Ego is a program for PCs. It is a Dos program, but runs under Windows without problems. My first impression on running it was of the good user interface. There is a pleasant wood-grained go board, occupying about two thirds of the screen, and you play a stone onto it by using...

Goliath 3.5 and Tsume Go Goliath 1997-01

Goliath version 3.5

Goliath is a Go-playing program, written by Mark Boon. He wrote a version for the Atari many years ago, which won computer Go tournaments in 1989, 1990, and 1991. However version 3.5 runs on the Macintosh and on Windows 95 and NT. (A version for Windows 3.1 may be available: customers should enquire about this with the supplier, address below.) The Windows versions require a 486...
HandTalk version 96.09 1997-01

The advertisement says that the program has a 4 kyu diploma from Japan, this seems optimistic, the first game I played against it I gave it 9 stones and won by 241 (But I am a mean handicap player, I can normally give a real 4 kyu about 100 komi in a 9 stone game). However Handtalk is the first computer program I have seen trying a genuine premeditated swindle, and for much of the time it feels like playing someone who knows what is going...

Go Professional III 2000-06

BGJ 119 Summer 2000

Reviewer: Paul Hazelden

The good news: Go Professional III by Oxford Softworks is a nice, solid piece of Go-playing software. The bad news: it is, as far as I can tell, almost unchanged from the previous version. There may be some subtle changes to the Go engine, but as a rusty 8 kyu I haven’t worked out yet what they are. I had hoped to review this programme on the basis that I could...

Go at Ease 2000-09

BGJ 119 Autumn 2000

Reviewer: Mogens Jakobsen, June 2000, with help from Lene & Lasse

Go at Ease, from Yutopian Enterprises, is a multimedia introduction to Go from Yutopian Enterprises, aimed towards children and beginners. The game is taught through animations and small cartoons. As reviewers of this program, we have been playing Go for around 4 months our son who is nine and a half years old didn't have...

Many Faces of Go Palm OS Edition 2001-03

BGJ 122 Spring 2001

Reviewer: William Connolley

In my last game at the last London Open, both my opponent and I recorded our games on a Palm using – quick plug – PilotGOne:

they seem to becoming quite common. Now David Fotland has produced the Many Faces of Go Joseki Dictionary for the palmpilot, so I can see just where I went wrong in my first...

Many Faces of Go Version 11 2002-09

BGJ 128 Autumn 2002

Reviewer: Nick Wedd

In issue 109 of this Journal, I wrote a review of version 10 of David Fotland’s program The Many Faces of Go. Since then, I have been recommending it as the best all-round Go program for someone who is willing to pay for the best. Version 11 has now been released. Like version 10, it is a program for Windows, and comes on a CD.

Many Faces of Go is primarily a Go-...

SmartGo:Player and SmartGo:Board 2002-09

Review by Nick Wedd, from British Go Journal 128

These are both programs for Windows, by Anders Kierulf. They are both available from the SmartGo website. SmartGo:Board costs 29 dollars, SmartGo:Player costs 59 dollars.


SmartGo:Board allows you to play through and edit Go game records. It can handle the two most commonly used formats of game...

Go++ 2003-09

BGJ 132 Autumn 2003

Reviewer: Nick Wedd

Previous issues of this Journal have carried reviews of Go Professional, Go Professional II, and Go Professional III. These programs used the Go-playing engine written by Dr. Michael Reiss, which competed in interna- tional Computer Go tournaments under the name Go4++. Dr. Reiss was under contract to Oxford Softworks, which later became part of Purple Software, and received...

Go Dojo: Contact Fights 2004-03

BGJ 133 Spring 2004

Reviewer: Nick Wedd

Go Dojo is Go training, It runs only on Windows (or Linux/Wine). Its author is Bruce Wilcox, the author of the Go-playing program EZ-Go, and originator of the concept of "sector lines".

The structure of the program

It is easy to install and run. It does not use the Windows registry (something which I am very thankful for - my registry is now a hopeless...