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GoGoD: Re-Reviewed by Francis Roads 2011-07

GoGoD was previously reviewed in BGJ 135, Autumn 2004

Regular tournament attendees will be familiar with the sight of T Mark Hall sitting in a corner with his laptop, demonstrating and hoping to sell GoGoD (Games of Go on Disc). Many's the time I've walked past. "I've got a couple of shelves of Go books, half of them unread", I would think, "I've no need of that stuff." I was wrong.

If you...

The Path of Go 2011-04

BGJ 155 Spring 2011

Reviewer: David Carter-Hitchin

Microsoft Research has recently developed Go-playing software, which was released last December to run on the Xbox 360 games console. I downloaded it...

MyGoFriend 2011-04

BGJ 155 Spring 2011

MyGoFriend is a strong program for Windows with some interesting features for studying, at least in 9x9. As fits the gold medallist from the 2010 Computer Olympiad it is powerful, but limited in some ways and lacking some features which may be considered basic in other programs. It has 7 pre-programmed levels of strength, beginner to sensei, which search through a...

Hardware: Ebook Reader and Go Books 2009-03

BGJ 147 Spring 2009

Reviewer: Pat Ridley

The article has its origins in a conversation with Gerry Mills, our esteemed Bookseller, one night at the Chester Go Club. Gerry asked us if we thought the future for books lay with ebooks rather than with traditional paper copy. I suspect he didn't learn much from our answers at the time, but I found myself wondering how many ebooks on Go one might hope to find. I was...

Babakan 2004-09

BGJ 135 Autumn 2004

Bakaban is a free Windows program, which allows you to play Go on a variety of surfaces other than standard Go boards.

It has a limited understanding of the rules of play. It automatically removes strings that have no liberties, but it does not know about the ko rule, and it does not allow suicide. It is intended merely to support the various board conformations, and...

SmartGo 2004-09

BGJ 135 Autumn 2004

Reviewer: Mike Harvey

My first impression of SmartGo was of a bewildering range of options, so that I didn’’t know where to start. I discovered later that there were even more toolbars that are initially hidden. Most of them relate to diagramming, annotation, editing and maintaining a library of game records, and these are SmartGo’’s strengths. Simply playing Go against it is to ignore its...

Go Dojo: Sector Fights 2004-06

BGJ 134 Summer 2004

Reviewer: Nick Wedd

In the previous issue of this Journal, I reviewed Go Dojo: Contact Fights. Go Dojo: Sector Fights is another module of the same training program by Bruce Wilcox.

The structure of the program

The structure of Go Dojo: Sector Fights is identical to that of Go Dojo: Contact Fights. Like that module, it is easy to install and run, and uses hypertext links in a...

Many Faces of Go - Joseki Base 2004-06

BGJ 135 Summer 2004

Reviewer: William Brooks

The Many Faces of Go Joseki Base is a very useful piece of software for the PDA created by David Fotland. It contains josekis for corner positions starting from the 5-5 to 3-3 points and has a very thorough set of variations. It allows you to do much more than just play through normal sequences, as it includes good plays, trick plays and ways to punish your opponent’’s...

GoGoD (Games of Go on Disk) 2004-06

BGJ 135 Summer 2004

Reviewer: Andrew Morris

In the old days mighty tomes would arrive on a reviewer’s desk with a ‘thwump’. GoGoD, a massive database of over thirty thousand professional games, plus additional material and go utility programs, comes on one CD. It registers scarcely a clatter.

GoGoD, which is the result of T Mark Hall and John Fairbairn’s teamwork, is more than just a collection of game...

Go Dojo: Contact Fights 2004-03

BGJ 133 Spring 2004

Reviewer: Nick Wedd

Go Dojo is Go training, It runs only on Windows (or Linux/Wine). Its author is Bruce Wilcox, the author of the Go-playing program EZ-Go, and originator of the concept of "sector lines".

The structure of the program

It is easy to install and run. It does not use the Windows registry (something which I am very thankful for - my registry is now a hopeless...