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MyGoFriend 2011-04

BGJ 155 Spring 2011

MyGoFriend is a strong program for Windows with some interesting features for studying, at least in 9x9. As fits the gold medallist from the 2010 Computer Olympiad it is powerful, but limited in some ways and lacking some features which may be considered basic in other programs. It has 7 pre-programmed levels of strength, beginner to sensei, which search through a...

GoGoD: Re-Reviewed by Francis Roads 2011-07

GoGoD was previously reviewed in BGJ 135, Autumn 2004

Regular tournament attendees will be familiar with the sight of T Mark Hall sitting in a corner with his laptop, demonstrating and hoping to sell GoGoD (Games of Go on Disc). Many's the time I've walked past. "I've got a couple of shelves of Go books, half of them unread", I would think, "I've no need of that stuff." I was wrong.

If you...