Learning Resources

The material on this Page is divided into several categories, depending on the taget audience.

I do not know how to Play

The BGA leaflet "How to play Go" is for you. This gives an introduction to the background, history and rules of Go, and to the BGA. 20 pages, A5 with a colour cover.

Here is an HTML version of the booklet, and here is PDF version (3.66 MB).

This booklet was revised in 2014.

The BGA also publishes the Cartoon rules booklet which is an English translation of Andreas Fecke’s excellent German original. This is a 16-page A6 booklet that uses cartons to explain the rules of Go. Ideal for children.

Suggested Books are How to Play Go by Janice Kim, and Teach yourself Go by Charles Matthews; the former is particuarly recommended for children.

I know the Rules, but not a lot more

A set of 33 problem sheets can be downloaded. These are in Word format, contained in a zip file. The problems were produced by Paul Smith for the Cambridge Junior Chess and Go Club, but are suitable for all ages.

Greg Reid of Queen Anne High School, Dunfermline, Scotland, has created some problem sheets for his own pupils, but has generously allowed them to be made available for general use. They are all in Microsoft Word format, as .doc files. Each sheet (apart from sheet 1) includes the answers to the previous sheet (apart from problem 10).

Problem 1
Problem 2
Problem 3
Problem 4
Problem 5
Problem 6
Problem 7
Problem 8
Problem 9
Problem 10

At this level some people find that playing against a computer programme on a 9x9 board is helpful. The best of them are Igowin which is a free version of Many Faces of Go, and EZ-Go which is a free version of EGO).

I can play, but I want to get better

At this level there are a plethora of resources. It is best to ask an established player for advice.

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